003  The Alams (The Worlds)

Hello my precious brother,

In my previous articles, I have tried to explain and describe the human by analyzing in different dimensions. In fact, the human is a wonderful creature owning amazing properties beyond these expressions. But to be able to exhibit these properties of the human, it is necessary to well understand firstly the physical and metaphysical ambient which the human lives in.

When has been looked from the viewpoint of the human, it is seen that all the creatures created by God (Allah) constitute two big worlds:  One is "The Khalk Alam", consists of visible beings, and the other is "The Amr Alam", consists of invisible beings. There are numerous small units in these two great worlds. As to the human, he is a different and little world who contains some things belong to both big worlds.

# Khalk Alam: The material world

One of the two great world is the material world named as "The Khalk Alam". The Khalk Alam is also called as "The Universe". It is the physical medium that surrounds the human. The most important feature of this world is to be "volumed" and "timed", consequently, to be "measurable".

"Space" and "Time" concepts are the concepts that they have emerged after being created "The Khalk Alam" or "The Universe".

The physical world is a world that consists of "objects", "situations" and "events". To be have three dimensions of the rigid objects and to occupy a volume in space spontaneously caused developing a "volume" concept in minds. Since the objects have a position in space, spontaneously, it is been also needed to use some words stating their positions such as "in front of", "behind", "above", "below" for explaining the situation of an object according to another. It is also been spontaneously needed to use some qualifying words such as "big", "small", "high", "low", "heavy", "light" for expressing their sizes, because of possessing the different value of an object according to another. When asked the question "How much", it is been also spontaneously needed saying " big such as this", "far-off such as that", by inventing a measure for these greatness. For this reason, you see that, this physical world is an "measurable" world.

An other feature of this objects world is that, the "situations" and "positions" of all objects always varies more or less, they are not stable. It is also been needed, spontaneously, to talk about "a changing case" namely a "phenomenon" or "event", when a differentness appears on some properties such as position, volume, weight, color, taste of these objects.

When these events also be investigated, it is been seen that, some phenomena develop depend on some former phenomena, even some phenomena constitute a series by coming into existence consecutively, and thus a "determinism" concept has emerged. Also, some repeated events such as rising and setting of the sun caused to develop the "time" concept in minds spontaneously.

My precious brother,

Why am I explaining these with all the details? I am explaining these detailedly for this purpose that, it is difficult to understand being "massless", "spaceless" and "timeless" of Allah for the majority of people. Therefore, it is necessary to understand that, "time", "space" and "measure" concepts are characteristic only for "The Khalk Alam" or "The Material World" named as "The Universe", and these concepts have emerged after the creation of the universe.

# Amr Alam: The spiritual world

The second of the worlds created by Allah is named as "The Amr Alam". It is also called as "The Metaphysical World" or "The Spiritual World". This Amr Alam is not "volumed" and "timed" as to be for "The Khalk Alam" or "The Material world". Consequently, it does not possess also a "measurable" feature. Namely, this alem is a "timeless" and "spaceless" world and it can not been ascertained and measured by using the tools and methods belonging to "The Material World". Of course, there are own different tools and methods of this world.

The components of "the Khalk Alam" or "the Material World" are "objects". Objects are things that they possesses certain properties which can be seen and can be measured by humans. The scientific knowledge is based on determining the features of "objects", the changes of their situations, and the relations with each other of these changes named as "phenomenon".

But the components of The Amr Alam are immaterial, ethereal things such as spirits, angels and some moral values. They can not be seen by the humans. Their existence, their properties, the miscellaneous features owned by them can not be determined by using the measuring and detection tools belonging to "The Objects World". The measurement tools belonging to "The Material World" have been developed only for determining the matters and their materialistic properties.

A lot of people try to determine the existence of "The Metaphysical World" and its features by using the tools belonging to "The Physical World". Of course, they determine nothing. They suppose that there is nothing, for the reason that they can not determine anything. And then they turn out to be ateist. This is a very foolishly thing like this that one accepts the existence of ice for he can see it, but he denies the existence of vapour for he can't see it in the air. These are the things being at different phases and the knowledges about their existences can obtain only with the different methods.

Like this, doubtless, the knowledge belonging to "The Spiritual World" representing a different phase can not be obtained with the knowledge obtaining tools and methods belonging to "The Material World". As there are some methods to get knowledge for "The Physical World", so there are also some ways and methods peculiar to themselves to get knowledges of "The Metaphysical World". The knowledges of "The Spiritual World" are obtained only by using these special methods. But there is the "faith" on the basis of all these methods. It is never been reached the spiritual realities of "The Metaphysical World" without "belief".

# Misal Alam: The imaginal world

My dear brother,

"The Khalk Alam" and "The Amr Alam" constitute two different faces of the created realities. In addition, between these two worlds, there is an "imaginal world" consisting of various symbols of the objects of the both worlds, which appears at the human who represents both worlds. This imaginary world is named as "The Misal Alam". The dreams are typical examples from this imaginal world. The Misal Alam is not a realities world. The Misal Alam is a representative world being composed from sounds, visions, dreams, imageries and imaginations; therein the realities of the both worlds are been represented as sounds or images. Just like the imageries of things in mirror... All being well, I'll talk about obtaining the knowledges belonging to the spiritual world in the next articles, inshaallah.

Be entrusted to God.

Dr. Ismail Ulukus


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