005  Understanding Islam

Hello my precious brother,

I had talked about the five existence dimensions of the human to you in my previous articles. The human gathers on himself all the physical and chemical features of the matters world in first dimension, all the physiological features of the plants world in second dimension, all the psychological features of the animals world in third dimension. He also obtains a humanistic personality different from the other creatures, with the "thinking", "analysing and synthesizing", and "deciding" ability, in fourth dimension.

# The uncounted benefactions have been given to the human

Certainly the wonderful benefactions have been provided to himself until the human comes this level. Now, try to think only the physiological dimension. Thousands of chemicals play their roles in this mechanism. Imagine that only one enzyme or only one hormone doesn't do it's function. How distressed days human lives.

Try to remember the benefactions at your psychological dimension. Think of your attention has weakened, your memory is absent, or you lost your consciousness. Imagine that you have afflicted with mental deficiency. How bad case for you!

Now, think that you are deprived of "reason" benefaction. Everybody treats you like dirt, for you can not think and for you can not be possessed of the power of deciding and responsibility. You can not manage yourselves. You can not manage your wares and properties. Your relations with the society in which you live completely breakdown. You can not sign an agreement and a contract. You can not vote. Even, if you bring any information, nobody believes this news. This is how much bad case.

The human, here, in his first four dimensions, has attained measureless benefactions of his creator Almighty God (Allah) who has possession of mercy and compassion. But, I'm sorry to say, the majority of the humans are not aware of these benefactions.

# Almighty Allah wants to complete these benefactions

My dear brother,

Almighty Allah (God), who is the creator and the greatest protector of the human, has equipped with such measureless benefactions the human up to fourth reason dimension. And He also wishes to complete His benefactions and favors on the human by carrying him to the peak of the matureness for making him much more precious and excellent in fifth dimension after this point.

"Allah does not wish to place you in a difficulty, but to make you clean, and to complete his favor to you, ..." [Maida, 6]

But these favors, which will be realized after this phase, has been made dependent on the own volition of person. Namely, for this, it is necessary that person must abandon his own personality, his own arrogance, and his own egoism; and he must completely subject to his creator's volition and surrender to him. This submission is called, briefly, as "Islam".

I had tried to expound the human in the previous articles. In this article, I'll try to explicate Islam.

# Islam is to be subject to the will of Allah

My dear brother,

Islam is an Arabic originated word and it means "submission". Its meaning as a religious term is the submission and being subject to the will of Almighty Allah that He has not the similars, partners and assistants; He has created the physical and metaphysical worlds; He keeps them in existence by supplying their needs; He provides necessary power, force and energy for them; He arranges and organizes them at will; He makes present or absent everything at will and at any time; He is real owner the whole property and is unique sovereign on the worlds. "Islam" is to live according to the commandments, the wills and the rules of this Almighty Allah, but not according to the desires of person's own ego.

Certainly, this only comes true with "faith". Can it be under discussion to be subjected to God's volition, without believing and not being accepted His existence? For this reason, the religion erudites have accepted that the belief is the fundamental of the religion.

My precious brother,

Religions are the systems in which divine education comes true. Divine mercy turns into pretty behaviours in the personality of the human by means of religions. By the help of religions, the human obtains a clean and mature divine personality, by getting rid of the bad and egoist humanistic personality.

The Creator saw fit to Himself the name Allah in His Last Book. This name gathers all nice attributes of Him on self. For this reason, I'll prefer to use this name in my articles.

# Almighty Allah has named his own education system as Islam

Islam is the appearance of the Rab (educator) attribute of Allah on the human. Allah Taala has given Islam name for own schooling system that will bear away the human to the peak of matureness. Islam is a doctrine. It is the name of a schooling system being notified by a prophets chain, ranging from Adam aleyhissalaam to Muhammed aleyhissalaam. There is no religion other than Islam before Allah.

"The Religion before Allah is Islam." [Al-i Imran, 19]

The essence of all the celestial religions is Islam, though there are some differences between their sharia. Islam is an ego educating system. Islam means to live a person according to The Almighty Creator's wills, but not his ego's desires. Islam means that obeying by the human to the rules of Allah by witnessing the existence of Allah Taala who is the creator and educator of him; to prefer the wills of Allah rather than his own desires; limiting his own wishes by the wills of Allah; not exceeding the limits which has been determined by Allah Taala.

"Islam" means to be subject to His rules, by believing only a one God, that He has no partner, no similar, no equal; He has created all the alems (worlds) and the universe; He keeps them in existence; He provides all the needs of them by His mercy and His kindness. And also the persons who are subject to the rules of Allah Taala are called as "Muslims". The Arabic originated word "Muslim" means the surrendered person to Allah. If you believe such a unique Creator and if you accept to be subject to Him, you are also a Muslim.

# All Messengers has advised Islam

The religion being notified by all the prophets since Adam aleyhissalaam is Islam. Each one of the prophets didn't bring different religions such as Judaism, Christianity, Mohammedanism that the majority of people such suppose; contrarily, all the prophets have notified only one religion Islam. The people has nicknamed afterward as Judaism, Christianity. All the prophets were Muslims. All of them were sent for making known Allah Taala that He has no partner and no similar; for teaching to the people to behave according to the rules of Allah, but not according to the wishes of their self; for pointing the correct way to them. All of them also advised not to kill the humans unmeritedly; not to do harm the humans' body and goods; not to live intercourse out the marriage, namely not to fornicate. All of them also advised to love each other; not to do spitefulness; not to tell lies. Today, all merits being possessed by the humans, either prayerful or ateist, have arrived up to us by means of the prophets of Allah.

However, each one of the prophets brought partially different rules according to the conditions of that time. The each one of these is called as sharia. The last prophet Mohammed aleyhissalaam has also announced the rules that both to correct the false comments coming out at previous times, and to keep its validity along all the times for maturing all the humans eternally.

# To be subject to the latest Sharia is matureness

For this reason, a human finds the right by being subject to any prophet, on condition that he must subject to essence of religion. A person who is subject to previous sharia must take into consideration the abolished rules by the subsequent sharia. To be subject to the last prophet Mohammed aleyhissalaam is also a fully matureness. It is like to prefer the latest model car to arrive at the destination.

My dear brother,

I'll try to tell you Islam also in my subsequent articles. "Islam" is a perpetual happiness way of the human who is a precious creature. A person walking in this road reaches the salvation both in this and the other world. But the persons who have strayed from the correct way, by being subject to their disdainful ego, have fallen to heresy for their own harm.

Be entrusted to Allah.

Dr. Ismail Ulukus


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