009  The beginning of the closeness to Allah (1)

My precious readers,

The beginning of the closeness to Allah is certainly the beginning of the "belief".

The respectable erudite Imami Rabbanî states at his work named "Mektubat" that, when a person said "Lailahe illallah" (There is no God, but Allah) by knowing its meaning, a mote of the belief emerges in his heart.

This moment in which a very little faith emerged in heart is a very much valued and very much important moment.

How, for a narcotic addict, the moment in which he took the first drugs, is the beginning of all the unexpected troubles and all the malignancies that will take away him to death; likewise, but conversely, for a believer, the moment which this very little belief emerged in heart is the beginning of all the goodnesses to take away him a true belief and to open him the door of a perpetual happiness.

After emerging of this belief as little as a mote, the light of the belief begins to shine in heart. The thing named "the belief's light" is the love and loyalty to Allah, in the fact.

It is talking at Qur'an about increasing and decreasing of the belief. The meaning in here is metaphorical. A man either belives or not. There is not middle of this. In short, the belief doesn't increase and decrease. The thing increasing and decreasing is the light of the belief; in other words, is the closeness to Allah, is the love of Allah (Muhabbetullah)

# The source of all goodnesses

This belief fact and this love of Allah in a heart is the main source of all the excellences and goodnesses, and also the closeness to Allah.

After believing, this love emerging in heart towards Allah and the believers who love Him is the light of the heart, and is the beginning of every matureness and all the goodnesses.After shining this belief's light in the heart, amazing and shocking alterations occur at behaviours of that man.

I liken this case to the situation of a fanatic who begins to support a new football team. After he has begun to support this new team, a love emerges to the team captain, players, and fans of this new team in his heart. He goes to all matches of this new team. He follows all news about this new team. Similarly, a love arises towards Allah ta'âla, towards all His prophets and whole muslims, in the heart of a person who has newly begun to believe.

Every thing varies after emerging this belief phenomenon and this love in heart. That person begins to listen to every thing coming from his God and tries to internalize them. He begins to research the realities of the rumours.

After beginning to shine this belief's light in heart, the doors of the heart become open to the divine knowledges, to the divine recommendation and advices, and to the divine advances.

# Before and after believing

Beforehand, person tries to change the subject when is talked about Allah, for the reason that he has bored. As if, it is being talked about a simple thing. But, after this a little faith, person be all ears when is talked about his God. And tries to be a more respectful and a more decent man towards his god, Allah.

Beforehand, while a lot of exemplary events happen around him and he doesn't draw a lesson from any one of these; after believing, he begins to value them from a different point and to take lessons from them.

Before belief, when anybody wants to warn him about any subject, he doesn't give ear to these and he is angry at these advises by reason of his arrogance. But after believing, he begins to be all ears for these advices and cautions.

These changes emerged after believing and beginning to shine the belief's light in a person's heart are countless.

The reason of these changes is closely connected with, whether a man be subject to his ego's desires or he is subject to his own God's will.

After belief, a man begins also to take the Allah's wills into consideration near his own ego's desires at all works he did. So, he has entered into the education of his God. In other words, the Rabb attribution of Allah begins to appear on that man. Rabb means educator in Arabic.

# The faith is the beginning of the liberation and salvation

My dear readers, this a little faith is so very much important for a man that, person firstly accepts his God's will, by going beyond his own weak and powerless existence and by climbing over his own ego. When he says "Lailahe illallah" (There is no God, but Allah) by accepting it's meaning, person begins firstly to be subject to Allah's will, by abandoning his own ego's endless desires, one by one. It is called as "ibaadat". Ibaadat means to live for Allah, to be servant and slave of Him, in Arabic. In other words, this a little faith is the beginning to serve, to be slave for Allah, from the point of this person. In fact, not being a servant and a slave, but it is the beginning of the liberation and salvation from the desires and wishes of ego, which they make person a despicable and dishonorable man at everywhere and every time. This "being slave for Allah" will slowly slowly take away him from the hegemony of his ego to the peak of the divine maturities, and will be the basis of the world and afterdeath happinesses. Man will appreciate this in time and will know increasingly the value of this, as long as complete his salvation from his ego, later.

My dear readers, this completing process is called as "Islam". Islam is to be subject to the will of almighty Allah, which He is only one and He has not a partner; nothing is an equal and similar to Him; He has created all the things (takwin) in certain measures (taqdir); He has arranged and organized them according to His self will (tanzim), has programmed them (qadar), and He is realizing this programme when its time comes (Qazaa); and He is managing all the worlds in a way He wills. Briefly, Islam is to obey the will of Allah ta'âla; not person's own will.

While a person is unamenable and be subject to own low desires of his ego, before belief; after "belief", he begins willingly to be subjet to the will of his Creator. In fact, here, person doesn't renounce completely from his own desires and wishes, but he limits his desires with the boundaries determined by Allah, and tries not to pass beyond these boundaries.

Be entrusted to Allah

Dr. Ismail Ulukus

(to be cont'd)


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