010  The beginning of the closeness to Allah (2)

My precious readers,

I had said that "After beginning to shine the belief's light in heart, the doors of heart become open to the divine knowledges, the divine recommendation and advices"

# From the Imitated Belief to the Rational Belief

As a matter of fact, after beginning to shine this belief's light at his heart, a person becomes more enthusiastic for the divine knowledges which have been brought by Prophets. Beforehand, while he thinks them as cock and bull stories faked up by the human imagination; after belief, his perspective and viewpoint changes. Person discerns that they are not faked-up stories; they are completely true, and every divine rule being obeyed takes away person to unlimited goodnesses. This also takes away him to a new process where he tries to obtain a thorough knowledge on Islam and tries to value these knowledges in the scales of mind.

This is the rational belief stage. The rational belief is a stage that person tries to interpret the acts of Allah by using his mind, by enquiring and investigating the religious knowledges. Man is more close to his Creator in this stage than he was in the imitated belief stage.

# From the Rational Belief to the Real Belief

But, after a certain duration, person will immediately notice that he doesn't explain everything by using his mind. Because, mind is a mechanism that works only on tangible realities. It works only by using the senses, images, imagines, ideas and consepts obtained from matter, whereas the divine realities are completely different from the material realities. The divine realities are spaceless and timeless. The words using for stating the divine realities are also representational statements. These realities can not be undestood by sense and mind. To try understanding the divine realities by using methods of the material realities is, so to say, similar to try understanding the vapour by investigating an ice floe; whereas, vapour and ice are the things endowed with the completely different structures. The rules, which they are subject to, are completely different. True knowledges can be obtained only if every structure has been investigated by their own rules and canons.

The place we stand now is the exhaustion point of mind for believer. Because, on the one hand, person comes face to face with some events confirming the divine realities and these power his belief; on the other hand, some events appear that these can not be accepted easily by mind, and these cause him to fall into hesitations.

The real face of the belief emerges in the heart of person, when it has been passed to the spiritual dimension by climbing over the enquiry phase with the help of God. Certainly, this doesn't be so easy. For passing to this dimension, usually, it is necessary the helps of the persons named as awliya (saints). But Allahu ta'âla also destines this dimension to some persons He likes, without getting any help.

In this phase, the divine (spiritual) realities begin to appear in such a way that more transparent, more explicit, as clear as crystal in man's imagination. In time, the believer begins to see the divine (spiritual) realities as clear and doubtlessly as in the material realities. This final phase which the believer has come to, be named as the "witnessing" phase, is the peak point of the belief. Nobody can return back such a man from his belief, hereafter.

The peak point of the belief is also the peak point of the closeness of Allah, in the same time.

# It is not So Easy to Reach the Real Belief

My dear readers,

Certainly, to reach a real belief is not so easy and is also not an event occurring quickly. And also, it is not bestowed on everybody.

The beginning of this process, as mentioned above, is the moment in which begins to shine the belief's light in heart with the word "Lailahe illallah" (There is no God, but Allah). The belief process which has begun in this way, reaches to peak by progressing with the various Riyazah (means to avoid from Islamic forbiddens) and Mujahadah (means to worship), and with the different ego cleaning activities such as dhikr (means to remember Allah). But the principle of the act never changes: this is to increase "the belief's light" in heart, namely, to increase the love of Allah, Muhabbetullah, in heart.

When a person becomes acquainted with a good man, how his loyalty to him increases in his heart as long as he sees his good behaviours; in the same way, as long as the belief's light (the love towards his God) increases in the believer's heart, his closeness to Creator, also, increases. It is called as "qurbet". Qurbet means closeness and approach. Also the acts making closer to Allah are named as "qurbet"

In these articles, i am trying to tell what means the closeness to Allah and what are the ways and methods of this, without going into detail and without losing sight of the essence in the many controversial knowledges. The details can be learn from the "ilmihal"s, the books explaining the principles of Islam. My purpose is to tell you the main prenciples of being closer to Allah. I am expecting to achieve this by the helps of Allah.

I wish Allahu ta'âla makes me and you successfull on our beneficial acts, inshaallah. And almighty Allah cleans our hearts from the useless and unnecessary things, and He increases his own love (Muhabbetullah) at our hearts, and He makes me and you from the persons close to himself, inshaallah.

Dr. Ismail Ulukus


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