011  The Way Going to Allah

The divine world is seen with the heart's eye, while the material world is seen with the head's eye. The way going to Allah passes through the heart. Heart is the representational existent in which all the conscious and unconscious spiritual events happen. It's existence is figurative.

True nature of spirit doesn't be known. So much knowledge hasn't been given about spirit by the Creator. It seems that as if the ways going to obtain the knowledge about spirit by the humans have been closed. The spiritual phenomena are very complex events effecting us down to our smallest cells, minor capillary vessels and most unimportant muscles of our body. The true nature of spirit is continuing to be an unknowable subject, while the psychic events being induced by spirit can be known by using empirical methods. Why?

Because, the knowledge belonging to the divine world can not be obtained by using the knowledge obtaining methods of the material world... "The method of experiment", which is the modern sciences' knowledge obtaining method, works only on the material world. But it doesn't work on the spiritual world being timeless and spaceless.

# How much belief, so much beneficence

The knowledge belonging to the spiritual world obtain only by self methods of this world. In fact, these knowledge don't be obtained, but are bestowed upon persons by way of the intuition and inspiration, by God. The password of this grace is "the faith". Everybody is informed about the spiritual world in the ratio of his "belief".

"Faith" isn't such a visual and tactile thing. The degree of the faith of a person is in the ratio of obeying his God, by abandoning his ego's desires and greediness. When a person be subject to the will of Allah, in time, he begins to see everything with the divine light of Allah. Then, the knowledge belonging to the divine world begin to flow into this person's heart. As long as he is subject to this divine layout which was endowed to us as a life form by Allahu ta'ala; in other words, as long as he moves away from his ego's demands and desires, he observes and learns so much thing from the realities of the divine world.

My very dear readers,

It is necessary to understand the heart very well, to reach the spiritual world.

"Heart" is a place where all the conscious and unconscious spiritual events happen in it.

All the feelings coming through the five senses; all the desires being the lusts of the body; all the judgments, discoveries being the products of intelligence; all the ideas, thoughts, concepts, opinions, intentions being the products of mind; all the emotions and excitements; angers, furies, fears, anxieties, arrogances, grudges, hatreds, envies, passions being the reactions of ego; the belief and inspiration being the divine proposals; blasphemy, discord and misgiving being the satanic suggestions; reminiscences being the products of memory... All of these happen in the heart.

For the reason that, the heart is a place where all the spiritual events happen in it; sometimes, "heart" and "spirit" are used in the same meaning. In fact, these are different things.

# Heart is variable

Heart is very variable. It is as changeable as the moon.

Sometimes, sex hormones increase in body, lustful passions invade the whole heart.

Sometimes, person calms down, a tranquility occupies the heart, the feelings of mercy fill in it..

Sometimes, he loves a girl. He begins to think his darling day-and-night. And this love doesn't leave an empty space at his heart except his beloved.

And sometimes, some passions occupy the heart. Heart pulsates with the dreams of being the owner of wealth, honour, eminence and dignity.

But, my dear readers, certainly the most satisfied moment of the heart is the moment in which person remembers his God and be subject to Him.

# Heart is the focus point of ego

My dear readers, I had said that "Heart is much variable". For this reason, one must be owner of his heart very well.

Heart is a place where all the spiritual events happen. In a way, heart is the focus point of our ego and personality. Because, heart is an arranger and organizer of all the events and activities in our body. Our whole organs are under the command of our heart. Our heart is the manager and director of our whole acts.

The behaviours of a person take shape according to the feelings and ideas in his heart. If which feelings and ideas are there in heart in a certain time, the behaviours in accord with these feelings and ideas emerge from all the organs of body, in that time. The closeness of Allah also begins at heart.

# Heart is a window opening to the divine world

As the heart is a place where all the spiritual events emerge, at the same time, it is a window opening to the divine world.

While the phenomena in the material world are observed and perceived with the head's eye, the phenomena in the divine world only can be observed and perceived with the heart's eye, from the window of heart. For this reason, persons trying to perceive the divine phenomena with the head's eye, while their heart's eyes are blind, can not see anything, and they suppose absent them. Whenever heart's eyes of a man begin to see, then only then, he also begins to notices the spiritual realities.

A heart without belief is a dead heart. It does not see the divine realities. Whenever the belief's light begins to shine at heart, which had been mentioned from it in the former articles, then only then the heart also comes to life again, and begins to notice the divine realities bit by bit. As long as this belief's light increases, the flowing of the knowledge belonging to the spiritual world to the heart also accelerates. For that reason, being informed about the divine world is in the ratio of the belief of person.

My dear readers,

The thing, killing the heart, blackening the heart's window, and preventing to be seen the divine realities by human is, actually, the endless desire and greediness of ego. In a windy weather, the pieces of dust floating through the air make dirty the glasses of our windows and we can't see the outside clearly. Like this, the desires and passions of ego make dirty the glasses of the heart's window and prevents to be seen the divine world. How the heart remembers its god, Allah, while it is completely full with the desires and demands of ego, and the imaginations belonging to them.

# One must firstly clean the ways going to Allah

My very dear readers, the way going to Allah passes through the heart. When the heart becomes filled with the worldly ambitions, the worldly passions, and the endless wishes and desires of ego, this road closes and then Allahu ta'âla becomes doesn't be remembered. For this reason, if a person wants to be close to his God, firstly he must remove this world's love and the world's passions from his heart. This becomes possible by means of "the repent for sins", "the dhikr" (to remember Allah, always), "riyazah" (to refrain Islamic forbiddens) and "mujahada" (to worship). Turning back again to Allahu taâla by repenting, provides to see once again the realities of the divine world by cleaning the heart's window.

The repentance is the first step for the heart's invigoration. The repentance is remorse. Sincerely being felt remorse by person by being noticed his sins is enough for the repentance. Another thing isn't necessary for this. Almighty Allah knows all the thing happened in the heart, He is aware of every thing.

Be entrusted to Allah

Dr. Ismail Ulukus


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