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Dear Readers,

The first step to knowing Allah (swt), in other words "Ma'rifatullah", is understanding correctly the "divine order" created by Allah, and recognizing the manifestation of God's profoundness, compassion, wisdom and power in this order. This method is called the "reasoning". As a result thereof, the level of one's faith transforms from imitative (iman-i taqlid) into investigative (iman-i tahqiq).

However, in order to be able to understand this very sophisticated divine order, I think you should know the nature and characteristics of a simple "order" established by humans. This will help us to comprehend the divine order much easily. I would like to begin my article with a story from my own professional life in order to explain this to you.

# The point that science has taken us to

I graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture in 1969. After working at many organizations for a few years, I began working at Diyarbakir Agricultural Protection and Research Institute in 1973. During those years, various disease pathogens and harmful insects on plants were investigated one by one, their biology was researched, biological periods were determined for control, pesticides were tried against these agents, and they were tried to be kept under control with these pesticides.

However, in time, it was observed that while one factor was dealt with, the natural balances were destroyed and new problems occurred. Similar cases occurred in different places worldwide. Finally, the scientists had to incline towards a new concept called "Integrated Protection". Integrated Protection meant a versatile protection strategy aiming to use the minimal amount of pesticides by taking into consideration various environmental factors. Thus, we became aware that we live in an "order" and have to take that into consideration in every aspect of life. We needed to do everything in harmony with this "order".

Today, it has become very important to comprehend and protect the "order" we live in, and the "order" researchs carried out within the context of terms such as the "Environment" and "Ecosystem" has become a significant working field for many researchers.

# Chaos and orders

Dear Readers,

It is certainly not coincidence that humans started research on "order" at the latest stage.

Because, the order represents the masses but not a single unit, the compound but not the simple. Consequently, the comprehension of the "orders", "systems" or "organizations" needs an accumulation of knowledge, a better logic and deep reasoning. Human mind had always struggled in comprehending the "compound" and started learning by reviewing the "pieces". Therefore, I will try to explain to you in simple terms and say a few words on the concept of order.

Please try to visualize the things I will going to tell you.

Imagine a car violating the traffic rules. What happens? By chance, the green light may be on when this car approaches to a junction so it continues its way and, say, the same happens at the next junction therefore, it keeps going. How long would these fortuities continue? How far this car can go on without making an accident? Can it last for a long time? Certainly not. No one in the right state of mind can say this. Without a special order is established, such a case is not possible.

If we think the same for two cars on the move, the possibility of an accident happening will increase. And we will get the news of an accident sooner.

Now imagine the traffic in a city with a population of a few millions, where all cars move without any rules and everything is based on chance. Is this possible? Of course not. Even it was, it would be a huge "chaos". In such an environment nothing efficient and beneficial would happen.

Now then, how can an orderly traffic system be established from such chaos?

In order to establish an orderly traffic system from such chaos, primarily a "Founder" is needed. This founder carries out the necessary preliminary studies, makes plans, sets rules, establishs staff to implement the rules, provides the equipment and the communication tools, then starts to enforce these rules. After a while, everything begins running smoothly.

# In the existence of order

Dear Readers,

As we see "chaos" represents the lack of "order". Transformation of this situation of lacking order into an order requires many things including "founder", "planning", "rules", "people who enforce the rules", "energy" and "communication".

A children's play area nearby, an airport close to our city, the traffic system that we live in everyday, a shopping mall or an entertainment center are all representatives of simple "orders" that are created by humans. When we look more closely into this "order" phenomenon by also taking into consideration many substantial examples like these, we see the following:

If there is an order somewhere, there are also;

Units that constitutes that "order",
There are binding, coordination and hierarchy between these units,
There is a communication network between the units,
There is a supply infrastructure providing the needs of the system, there too.
Every "order" has a dynamic (active) structure. This action is enabled with energy. In other words, every system has an energy infrastructure that provides the energy requirement of that system.
Every "order" has a safety and protection infrastructure.
Every "order" has a maintenance, repair and renewal infrastructure.
There are rules that enable the operation of every "order".
There are management units that manages every "order",
More important of all, there is a founder (coordinator) that establishes that order, operates and manages it.

These are so vital for an order that one of few of these fails, that order dissolves.

Please visualize a shopping mall which is the simplest example of order around you. And imagine, for a second, that the energy infrastructure of this order fails. What happens? Think about it...What happens? Suddenly everywhere is plunged into darkness. The elevators stop. No payments can be accepted at cashiers. No announcement can be made through the speakers. Music broadcast stops. Television and computer monitors and promotional monitors get disconnected. Security cameras do not work. Scales fail. People inside the shopping mall start fainting because air-conditions stop working.

Now, imagine that the security infrastructure or the support or communication infrastructure does not work; or the employees do not obey to any of the rules in place. Try to visualize the consequences. Would you hope that orders would survive in such situations?

# There will be no order without a coordinator

Dear Readers, by now you must have understood that no "order" emerges by itself or is a pile of random factors.

On the contrary, every "order" is an organization with pre-determined purposes, factors, communication and system rules, energy resources, support services, maintenance and repair services and protection. Therefore, the foundation of every system requires an intellectual and active effort from the viewpoint of the founder of the system. Every system come to life as a result of huge efforts, an intellectual planning, organization and resolute applications. Therefore, no "order" randomly shapes without "coordinator". There can never be an "order" without the existence of a "coordinator"!!!!!... If we come across an order or organization anywhere, we must, rationally and logically accept that it has a coordinator.

Now lets look at our universe. All scientific findings demonstrate that there is coherence in universe. Everything here is associated to each other. Nothing happens here by coincidence. There is a unique order and magnificence here. Here, everything happens during processes with pre-determined purposes and appointed cause and effect relations. Let's think about it... When there is a necessity for a "coordinator" for even a simple "order" established by human on earth, is it possible that this huge and perfect order that we call the universe, which consists of many engaging systems, can appear on its own without a creator? Of course not. The views of the materialists suggesting that everything emerging on their own have no scientific, intellectual and logical basis. No one in the right state of mind can accept such a view. Refusing to accept that every "order" has a "coordinator" is like refusing to see that every painting has a painter, every car has a manufacturer or every skyscraper has architecture, which is rather surprising.

As you see, our observations on daily events and accurate, realistic, intellectual and logical comments on these compel us to accept a "Creator" with abiding power who creates everything, organizes everything to complement each other and governs the universe in the way He wills.

Be entrusted to Allah

Dr. Ismail Ulukus

(to be cont'd)


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