016  Qualities for each function in the divine order

Dear Readers,

Remember my article titled "Understanding the divine order". In that article, I said that orders are not random piles of factors but organizations with pre-determined purposes, factors, communication, rules, energy resources, support services, maintenance and repair services and protection, and that no order would be established without an organizer. As orders are generally established exclusively, every order has a unity and coherence. The divine order on the other hand, was a perfect and flawless mechanism created by Allah. As the Creator Himself is perfect, the unity and coherence in the divine order are perfect too. Nothing in this system is causeless, useless or unnecessary. On the contrary, there is a reason, purpose and wisdom for the creation of everything in this system. Every factor, phenomenon and process was arranged to complement each other. I gave a few relevant examples in my previous article.

As everything in this divine system was created for a reason, every factor in the system is equipped with the qualities and skills to realize these purposes. I would like to give you a few examples for a better understanding of the subject.

The first example is the water. Remember the water, which is a simple compound, yet performing hundreds of different functions and blessed with the most suitable qualities in system to carry through each function.

# A perfect creation consisting of only two elements

Although water is one of the simplest chemical compounds, it really is a perfect creation. It has a role in almost everything from the creation of all living beings to the mountains falling apart and transforming into lowlands.

"And Allah has created every animal from water. ..." [Nur, 45]

If there wasn't water, our earth would be nothing but a mass of rocks like the planets without it.

The water was created in a very simple chemical structure so that it could form the input and output item of all organic compounds. Hydrogen and Oxygen in the water form the basis of all organic structuring along with Nitrogen and Carbon obtained from air. Organic compounds release water while forming molecule chains and these chains take in water as they break. As you know, water is the essential compound for almost all organic bio-synthesis and decomposition processes.

# The most comprehensive solvent that is known

Water was created as a solvent for hundreds of substances in order that it forms an ion and molecule pool. It is the most important and comprehensive solvent known in the world both for living and nonliving universe. The vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and sugars are dissolved in this pool and get ready for reactions.

The water is also created as fluent so that can carry thousands of simple and combined substance such as metal ions, enzymes, hormones, assimilates and various atom and molecule groups.

With these solvent and fluent characteristics, water has become a substance that we use for cleansing.

Due to the same characteristics, water plays a major role in the earth taking form. With water, those huge pieces of rocks break mechanically and chemically into pebble stones, thick and fine sand and soft clay minerals, and these, together with organic waste, comprise the main elements in soil which is the basic growing environment for agriculture. If there was no water, a suitable soil formation would most probably be impossible.

Water is also a very important means for storing, conveying and adjusting heat. It has a very suitable specific heat. The solar energy that is sucked by trillions of cubic meter of water in the ocean during the day is released at night regularly, preventing excessive temperature differences on earth and providing us a comfortable living environment. If water did not have such characteristics there would be hundreds of degrees of temperature differences between day and night in different places in the world which would be a place impossible to live in.

Water has a specific gravity which allows some objects sink and others swim in or on it. By this means, it functions as a shelter for many living beings as well as a transportation method.

Water was created as transparent so that it can photosynthesize tens of thousands of water plants and algae in rivers, lakes and seas; it has a convenient light permeability. Thus, it feeds them, protects them and never prevents them to photosynthesize.

# A transportation means with millions of tons of capacity

The freezing and evaporation temperatures of water are quite interesting. Despite many compounds having fixed freezing and evaporation temperatures, water can evaporate at any temperature when it’s liquid. And this enables all types of living beings on land to obtain the water they need through the clouds which form with evaporation from the sea and move with wind. In order to comprehend the scale of this, just imagine if we have to take the water needed by all living things on earth, treat it and carry with tankers. That would be very difficult wouldn't it?

"That with it We may give life to a dead land, and slake the thirst of things We have created,- cattle and men in great numbers." [Furqan, 49]

Similarly, the freezing temperature of water is dropped by the substances dissolved in the water, and this prevents many living creatures freezing to death.

As you know, fluids increase in volume and decrease in intensity when heated. The opposite is the case when they are colder. It is a different case for water. The intensity of water increases between 0 and 4+ degrees then start decreasing. This causes the water subside at 4+ degree in lakes and seas and allows the ice layers to rise to the top preventing tens of thousands of types of species destroyed.

Dear readers, how can all these, particularly the latter be explained with a materialistic perspective? Can't one see the divine reason here?

I tried to present you some examples about how water, the wonder creation, was equipped with the most suitable qualities for every function it was assigned to do in the divine order.

Dear Readers,

Water is only one of the millions of examples in the divine order. There isn't any object, chemical substance or organism that was not created for a certain function. Like water, every existence created was also equipped with qualities fit for its purpose and the function it is assigned to do.

Be entrusted to Allah.

Dr. Ismail Ulukus


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