019  The attributes of Allah concerning His actions (1)

Dear Readers,

There is only one truth in absolute sense. And this is actually Allah (swt) Himself. Allah (swt) is Haq (Reality). Therefore; we refer to Him as "Janab-i Haq".

"That is because Allah - He is the Reality; and those besides Him whom they invoke,- they are but vain Falsehood: verily Allah is He, Most High, Most Great." [Hajj, 62]

“That is because Allah is the Truth…" [Luqman, 30]

His existence is absolute and eternal. He is free from all needs, deficiencies, incompetencies and imperfectness. He has complete providence, will, competency and efficiency in His works. He has a complete power of sanction. He creates, does and makes anything done as He wants at any time He wishes.

Physical world and spiritual world are created realities. All of the created worlds are relative realities. As every created thing, their existences, survivals, qualities, systems, mechanisms and programs were determined by their Creator. Their existence is not eternal, it is temporary. Their eternal existence can only be possible if their Creator keeps them alive forever.

"Allah. There is no god but He,-the Living, the Self-subsisting, Supporter of all. No slumber can seize Him nor sleep. His are all things in the heavens and on earth." [Baqarah, 255]

The existence of anything created afterwards is finite, limited and recorded. Look around, you will immediately realize that the things existed yesterday do not exist anymore. The survival of the creatures depends on certain conditions and fulfilling of certain needs. Their skills and efficiencies are at a certain extent that Allah (swt) bestowed to them. Their ability to accomplish, have something accomplished, and to organize is limited to a certain strength and disposition that Allah (swt) granted to them. Just as an officer's performance of his wishes is limited to his commander's will; all creatures are restricted in performing their wishes by Great Allah's infinite will. They can perform it if He wishes otherwise they aren't able to move a muscle. However; this situation doesn't relieve human beings from their responsibilities for the things they do. Just as an officer will still be responsible to his boss for the things he does with his weak will in his capacity even though his authority is limited.

# The real master of energy, power and strength

The real master of energy, power and strength is Allah (swt).

In fact nobody or nothing has power or strength. Allah (swt) grants power, strength, energy, knowledge, ability and qualification to everything. However, most people relate everything to themselves. Everything is associated to a certain order and system in the physical world. Everything happens in a chain of reasons within causality principle. Therefore; certain results are achieved when certain causes are tied to. A great deal of people were mistaken by achieving the results they wanted through learning certain reasons and organizing these reasons; leading them to become arrogant and assume they have the power and strength in themselves. This situation also caused the denial of many scientist involved in positive sciences.

In fact, all the power and strength is in Creator's power. Even a feather doesn't move without His wish and will. If a human being starts believing in Allah truly and drawing lessons in the universe by freeing himself from his desires, then he will witness a hundred examples of this phenomenon. He is the reason of reasons. He creates new reasons within the reasons when He wishes.

# Allah (swt) is invisible but His providence in the universe is visible

Allah (swt) cannot be seen or perceived by our other sense organs.

"No vision can grasp Him, but His grasp is over all vision..." [An'aam, 103]

"He knows what is before or after or behind them: but they shall comprehend Him not." [Ta-ha, 110]

But the works and possessions of Him in the visible world are visible and perceived by our sense organs. I want to give a simple example to explain this situation. For example, a true believer prays. The pray may involve something impossible to achieve when considered from a materialistic perspective. But Allah puts the unexpected and improbable reasons together, create events which may otherwise seem impossible to happen and makes this pray come true. Therefore, the believer cannot grasp the existence of Allah (swt) by vision but he witnesses His works.

In some cases; orders, messages, teachings and inspirations of Allah reach to people through their heart, sometimes the desires and wishes of people reach Allah through their heart too. The heart is a spiritual window which is opened to the spiritual world from material world. (Please read "Understanding the Heart" and "The beginning of the closeness to Allah" for a detailed information)

Many people have witnessed the accepted prays coming true.

# Spiritual Incidents cannot be proved by experiments

Dear Readers, unfortunately, it is not possible to explain this communication emerged by heart scientifically. Only the aspects that reflect to the material world can be observed. However; these observations cannot be repeated, verified and proved experimentally.

Because, these spiritual incidents emerge by divine will and order. Nobody can guarantee that Allah’s will is going to appear in the same form when it is repeated. Initiative is totally in the Creator's power. No one can interfere with His providence. For example, let’s assume that our pray is accepted. Who can guarantee that it will be accepted again when we pray recurrently? The Creator may or may not accept it. He may or may not create the same reasons. But the believers who believe truly, witness so many incidents in their relationship with Allah that they will have no reservations about the providence of Him.

# Material World is a Divine Order in reality

In reality, nothing happens in the Material World or Spiritual world without the will of Allah (swt). In other words, the incidents in the material world, which we call Halk Alem (The World of the Visible Creatures), certainly take place under the Creator's providence. But, the material world, which we call the universe, is a divine order, of which the elements, relations between the elements, laws, rules, energy and power resources, communication mechanisms, support infrastructure, mechanisms of maintenance, repairment and self-perpetuation is ordered and organized previously. Here, the rules that determine the relations don't change. Here, the creation of the incidents is programmed. Therefore; here, ‘which causes will bring out which results’ can be determined through scientific studies and the desired results can be achieved by forming the causes. This constitutes the scientific studies and the technology which develops based on it. If there weren't such a wonderful order, integrity and mechanism created by Allah (swt) in the universe, then everything would take place automatically and randomly and we wouldn't be able to carry out any scientific work.

In order to elaborate more, we can compare the events taking place in the material world to the events taking place under a "government order" of a constitutional state founded and ruled by a king. The events taking place here can be anticipated beforehand as they happen according to certain laws, rules and program. The events taking place in the Spiritual World based on communication by heart can be compared to the events taking place with the order and command of the king and they would never be foreseen beforehand as when and how the king's will appear is never predictable.

Almighty Allah separates these two cases; He uses the term "Khalq" (creating) for the former and "Amr" (Command) for the latter. Islam scientists called the former which appeared by creation "The Halk Alem" (World of Creatures), and the other "The Emr Alem" (World of Command) both of which are nothing but the providence of Allah.

"Verily, His are the Creation and the Command." [Araf, 54]

# The actional attributes of almighty Allah (swt)

Allah’s attributes about His works and providence in the material and spiritual worlds are called His actional attributes. There are four main ones:

1. Takhliq (Creating; creating of everything out of nothing with their primary components and qualifications)
2. Ihya (Resurrecting, giving life)
3. Imate (Killing)
4. Tarziq (Providing sustenance)

I am hoping to emphasize these subjects in the following chapter of my article. I conclude this article here in order not to bore you more.

Be entrusted to Allah.

Dr. Ismail Ulukus


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