032  Human's debt of gratitude

Dear Readers,

I stated that one of the most important mechanisms enabling the harmony to social environment is "automation" in my previous article. Automation means becoming the unconscious spiritual acquisitions of the repeated behaviors, repeated ideas and repeated memories, by connecting to a spiritual automation. Most of the time people are not even aware of it. "Automation" is a phenomenon acquiring skills in behaviors, interactions, relations, and connections. Those spiritual acquisitions and relations reflect to heart as spiritual affinities" or "spiritual connections". As long as repeats increases, this spiritual connections become more stronger. Moreover, after a while these spiritual passions become addictions. This love and passion in the heart makes the person a crazy of the loved thing.

These love and passions, which became addictions, are blessings if they are for good things that Allah (swt) approves. They bring benefits and good things for themselves and their society. However, if they are about their nafs (ego), they will bring disasters for both themselves and their society. Even the things that are considered as harmless are related to the nafs, cause problems when they become passions and addictions. For example, a little child who always plays computer games can be a "game addict", a teenager who listens to music becomes "music addict", a mother who watches tv series becomes " tv series addict" and a father who always watches football matches becomes "football addict". Those people are interested in anything but what they are addicted to. They began ignoring each other because of their addictions. They never quit their addictions as they really enjoy them. Therefore, the family members are like strangers even they live in the same house. The communication, love, and connection between the family members disappear.

# Spiritual passions and addictions are the disasters of the human

The spiritual connections and passions that emerge by repeating the spiritual desires are generally not limited to the thing what is being addicted to according to the strength of the spiritual love. It comprises other related things. For example a football addict is also interested in the football teams, players, TV shows and football interpretations in the newspapers. In other words, interest and love for something is not limited for the thing itself but also comprises what is related to them. Therefore, these addictions and passions are for a group of objects and events.

These passions and addictions of nafs (ego), which are illnesses, are disasters that capture his nafs unconsciously and unaware of the bad things it brings because of the love in his heart. Many people don't need a cure, as they are not aware of the situation.

The shortest way to get rid of such "passions" and "addictions" is being away of their addictions. The repeated synergy causes spiritual connections although when a person abstains them these spiritual connections disappear. There is a proverb in Turkish "Out of sight, out of mind".

The real key to salvation from these addictions is love and remembrance of Allah (swt). This remembrance draws away all other passions in time by keeping him away from all other desires and creates a love and passion for Allah. Ibrahim Hakki hazrats from Erzurum ordered, "Love, affection and passion for Allah have solution for every problem. Love is a fire in the heart. It burns anything rather than Allah in the heart."

# Human's Debt of Gratitude

The most important "passion" that must be in a person's heart is "the love of Allah". This is a person's debt of gratitude. Because Allah is the one who created him and meets all his needs. Allah is the owner, patron and the closest friend of the human. Allah is the real owner of every blessing that is given to human in many occasions.

The Creator presented the human with a hundred of "bio-mechanisms". Every moment, hundred thousands of enzymes, coenzymes, hormones, chemical group agents and electron agents provide the power and energy for some precursors and components and keep the body healthy by completing ten thousands of biosynthesis perfectly. Allah (swt) protects the human from the harmful fungi, bacteria, and viruses with various protection, defense, and immunity mechanisms. Allah (swt) supports the human for the negative conditions of the ecology with hundreds of compliance mechanisms. Allah (swt) enables the healthy continuity of humankind by genetic, somatic, physiologic, and psychological mechanisms. Allah (swt) is the one Who provides health, welfare, and well-being of human and humankind every minute.

With the "intellect" that He gives him, Allah (swt) enables human evaluate his present, past and future and take precautions beforehand for the possible difficulties by creating amazing and helpful knowledge, inventions, and works as a result of various plans and designs.

Allah makes human righteous by the perfect education support which is called "religion" and reach the level of moral nobility that no other creature has.

Doesn't human have a debt of gratitude for the infinite blessings, which cannot be listed here adequately? Therefore, the biggest love, passion and addiction must be for Allah (swt) Who is the creator and ruler of the entire universe and the real owner of all benefits, goodness and blessings that the humans are gifted with.

Unfortunately, most of the people live unaware of Allah (swt) and the infinite blessings given by Allah (swt). Of course, the most important reasons of this blindness are the wishes and desires of nafs. The human who is stuck in the never-ending desires of his nafs cannot realize the blessings of Allah (swt).

The human must try to identify his nafs and educate it by abstaining from what Allah (swt) forbids (Riyazah) and being subject to what Allah (swt) orders (Mujahadah). Afterwards, he must have a strong love for Allah (swt) by remembering Allah (swt) to whom he owes gratitude and thanks. A person mustn't forget Allah even for a second. Everybody will meet Allah (swt) one day when he will be asked how and where he used these blessings. Nobody can escape from it. Allah, who has the power to create out of nothing, build and rule the universe having perfect order, also has the power to recreate the human and question him. Nobody must doubt it.

One mustn't forget that human needs the love and closeness to Allah. Allah (Swt) doesn't need the closeness of any of His servants. As He is nearer to each of servant than (his) jugular vein. It is ordered in the verses from the Qur'an that:

"It was We Who created man, and We know what suggestions his soul makes to him: for We are nearer to him than (his) jugular vein." [Qaf, 16]

# A person must remember Allah every minute

Dear Readers,

A person must "dhikr" (remember) Allah (swt) and recite bismillah" before beginning any work. He must recite "Lailahe illallah" (kelime-i tevhit) when he feels that his heart is filled with anything rather than Allah, "Subhanallah" (kelime-i tenzih) when he thinks the greatness of Allah, "Elhamdulillah" (kelime-i tahmid) when Allah gifts him with blessings, "Allah-u Ekber" (kelime-i tekbir) when he thinks the supremacy of Allah (swt), "La havle ve la kuvvete illa billah" (kelime-i temcit) when he thinks Allah has the power for everything, "Hasbinallah ve nimel vekil" when he trusts Allah about everything, "Estagfirullah" (kelime-i istigfar) when he falls into a sin or remembers his past sins. A person must remember Allah (swt) by every work he performs, everything he faces, and every condition he is in.

One must cite "Lailahe illallah" which is the superior dhikr as much as possible. He must cite it so many times that the others think he is crazy. It is ordered in the hadiths that:

"Mention Allah as much as you want, until (factious) people say that you are crazy" [Ramuz'ul Ehadis]

Dhikr must be cited by heart or by words that can be heard only by the person himself.

A person reaches the real knowledge of Allah only after the remembrance of Allah becomes an irreplaceable passion in his heart. This is when Marifetullah occurs. Therefore, how a newborn baby gets to know his mother, who is always with him taking care of all the needs, better than everyone, a person who remembers Allah and His blessings is aware of Allah.

Be entrusted to Allah.

Dr. Ismail Ulukus


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