037  A new personality in the fifth dimension

Dear Readers,

You can remember that I stated our nafs become an "ego" now when "reason" comes into play, which is a thinking mechanism and has an ability to analyze and synthesize, as I explained the fourth dimension of our existence. We called it "personality" as it viewed externally. Moreover, after a person has personality, he has the opportunity to present his own freewill by his ideas and decisions. Thereby, he has negative or positive responses according to the adaptation or conflict of his will with the others.

However, it is totally different within "the fifth dimension", which is the maturation dimension of a human, because the human gave up being subject to his will (the desires, wishes, whims, and benefits of his nafs) voluntarily, is surrendered and subject to Allah's will (wishes and desires of Allah (swt)).

# The Real Muslim

When we remember the definition of Islam as "being surrendered and subject to Allah (swt) Who created everything out of nothing and is unique and has no partners or assistants", it is clear that the definition becomes real only within "mature person" in the fifth dimension. That's why, the person in fifth dimension is a real Muslim who is surrendered to Allah's will totally.

Dear Readers, the most important feature of personality or ego (a nafs having reason) is that it can create new ideas by analyses and syntheses, make interpretations and take new decisions by adjudging on certain subjects, and having opinion and will (intention) consequently.

# The most distinctive feature of the personality is its freedom

The most important and distinctive feature of ego or personality is this "free will". A person puts forth his own decisions and wishes obtained by analyzing and synthesizing, and tries to convince everybody of these wishes. He tries to rule everything.

The “will” appears in the heart as desires and wishes of the nafs at first. These desires and wishes may be simple emerging from the needs of the body or a result of a complicated synthesis based on long and delicate plans of the person. The desires are called personal desires, opinions or wills when they are verbalized.

# The person at the fourth dimension cannot be saved from the spiritual discomforts

A person with a personality of fourth dimension conflicts with many people on some occasions with his "will" because the wishes that a person sets out for his nafs are generally composed of the things others don't want for their nafs. Of course, common benefits are exceptional. People are united to form a group when they have common benefits. They don't have conflicts of interest in the group then but conflict of interest arise between groups. The people who cannot pass the fourth dimension cannot escape from "spiritual discomfort" due to the certain conflicts of interest resulting from selfishness.

However, the mature person in the fifth dimension doesn't have such "ego" problems because he gave up his will voluntarily and became subject to Allah's will (desires and wishes).

# Disappearance of the ego

His nafs is now purified from human attributes (desires and wishes) most of which are composed of animal and instinctive desires and reshaped with morality that Allah (swt) ordered by passing through Allah's training. Another words, his personal will resulted from his ego disappeared in Allah's will. This stage is called "fanaa" (vanishing) stage or "fana fillah" (vanishing in Allah). Now a person in this dimension doesn't have an "ego" based on passion, wrath and personal benefits as he had in the fourth dimension.

[General information is necessary here. "Vanishing in Allah (swt)" is metaphorical and means disappearing the person's desires resulting from his nafs in the desires of Allah (swt). Allah cannot be penetrate in anything or nothing can be penetrate in Allah (swt). These features belong to the creatures and Allah (swt) is excluded.]

Vanishing the ego means vanishing the love and addiction of world composed of desires and wishes of nafs in the heart.

# A person cannot be selfish without ego

The mature human is not selfish as his ego disappeared. You will never witness selfishness in any of his works. If you have to share something with him, he behaves equitably or he grants you with his rights. If you try to take something from him, he gives it to you as a present. It is easy and pleasant to get along with those kinds of people for a person in each position. They don't accuse people because they are not selfish. If you make a mistake, they will forgive you immediately. They are not after other people's belongings because they are not in search for possessions to satisfy their own nafs. Therefore, they are not jealous or greedy.

The mature people frequently seem to be "without personality" externally as they don't have an ego. Most of the people think the mature people who give up their benefits for other people and spend their good and time for others, are fool or stupid because of their peacefulness, mercy, patience, and trust. "Aptal" (fool or stupid) in Turkish was derived from "ebdal" which is used for the people with love of Allah (swt) in Tasawwuf terminology.

# They are not stupid or without personality

Dear readers, in real they are not stupid, fool or without personality. They are just in another dimension. It is like the transformation of a butterfly from ugly caterpillars eating anything they became beautiful butterflies carrying flavor from flowers.

The human in the fifth dimension escalated in the meaning dimension by passing through a transformation period as a caterpillar transformed into a butterfly is now free from the animal characteristics. He now represents "maturity attributes of an angel" that never leaves the great will of Allah (swt) by good morals of Allah. It is the new personality of the human who reached a new dimension.

# The new personality of the mature person

In fact, they have a more advanced and sophisticated appearance, which looks stronger and clearer in their new personality than the previous characteristics, they had. You can witness their change upon their responses to inequity. You witness how the people, who are compassionate and good-tempered as much as possible with suffering people in need, get strong as rocks against inequities and injustices. You witness that they roar like lions when everybody is silent against the cruel people by being afraid of their cruelty. Therefore, the people who are afraid of Allah (Swt) have such a dignity and imposing-looking that a fear appears in the heart of those met them.

The holly people in the Turkish history were called as "Alperen". "Alp" means brave and "Eren" means holly person in other words Wali (Plural awliya). They were good-tempered and merciful for those who got a raw deal but powerful and valiant for the ones who were unfair. Our folk-literature has many stories of them. The word "Alperen" expresses the mature and valiant people in the fifth dimension. If one word is searched to define our nation who served Islam for many years, I think "Alperen" will be the best.

The new personality of the mature person is a purified and divine personality equipped with various divine virtues as patience, mercy, justice that person can be reached only by "the perfect faith" in the fifth dimension, which cannot be compared to greedy, grasping, and bad personality of the previous dimensions.

Be entrusted to Allah.

Dr. Ismail Ulukus


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