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Dear Readers,

In my previous article, I stated that a person must remove the love for "ego" from his heart and fill it with love of "Allah" to become a mature believer and added that it is possible by believing in Allah (swt), abstaining from His prohibitions, and obeying His orders. In other words, a person must obey Sunnah of Rasulullah (s.a.w) sincerely and remember Allah (swt) by being aware of Him every time.

A person who performs them sincerely becomes a "mature person" with the virtues that Allah (swt) grants him.

# Some of the characteristics of the mature person who reached fifth dimension

The perfect person who reached the fifth dimension perceives everything from the perspective of Allah (swt). He draws lessons from everything. He takes care of Allah's consent in everything he performs. He is fair in all his judgments. He is now a reliable person whom everybody trusts. He has no dual standards. He doesn't act differently when something is advantageous or disadvantageous for him. He is a real believer now and his criteria are the criteria of Allah (swt). He has no concern, doubt, fear or worry, beyond being honored with consent of Allah (swt). Therefore, he always follows Justice (honesty, rightness, and reality).

• The man of truth

He follows Allah (swt) rather than superstitious beliefs. He seeks for the justice and the truth by leaving superstitions. He is not disturbed even when the truths against him are revealed or mentioned. He tells the truth even for his enemy. He is now the man of truth. He doesn't have any complicated plans that he wants to realize with lies or plots based on detailed benefit plans.

"And cover not Truth with falsehood, nor conceal the Truth when ye know (what it is)." [Baqarah, 42]

"None of you will believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself." [Bukhari, Muslim]

• The man of patience and praise...

Now, he has no doubt that everything is realized in accordance with a predestination that is defined by Allah (swt), the creator of everything in the divine order, Who sustains, manages and protects this order. He now trusts and surrenders Allah (swt) totally. Therefore, he knows that Allah (swt) creates every problem or goodness, benefit or malice, disaster or salvation. He meets all of them willingly. He is not sad but patient when he has a problem. He appreciates when he has any blessing rather than let himself go by being happy.

"Give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere!" [Baqarah, 155]

"The patience to belief is like the head to the body." [Daylami]

"Half of the belief is patience and the rest is gratitude." [Bayhaqi]

• The man of Haya (modesty, embarrassment, shame)

The nature of shame also changes in the fifth dimension. The person who is ashamed of the humiliations in the previous dimension begins not paying attention to them any more although he is ashamed when he performs something, which is not appropriate to Allah's will. Therefore, the mature person in this dimension has a great modesty (haya) and decency.

"Prostitution is a dishonor; haya is an ornament of a person." [Berika]

"Haya is completely good" [Muslim]

"Haya is a part of faith." [Bukhari]

"Haya and faith are interdependent; therefore either they both exist together" [Hakim]

• The hand that doesn't take but give

The person in the fifth dimension is a person who gives for Allah's sake rather than takes for his nafs.

"The upper (giving) hand is better than the lower (taking) hand." [Bukhari]

He thinks the others as well as himself. Therefore, the others who are in love with world cannot understand him. The others consider him as a fool. He does not consider critics. He gives importance to Allah (swt). He thinks the value or insignificancy of himself before Allah (swt). Therefore, he is always destitute, grieved, gentle, polite, and merciful to any kind of creature. He is shy to ask anything for the world from Allah (swt) by thinking Allah (swt) knows all his behaviors, even he knows that Allah (swt) accepts all of his prayers. He considers all the people under his dominance as an escrow of Allah (swt). He feels responsible from them.

He is sad when people are in bad situations and he gets happy when they are good.

• His body is with the people but his heart is with Allah (swt)...

His heart is with Allah (swt) every time and the affinity makes him forget everything. Briefly, his body is with the people while his heart is with Allah (swt) all the time.

He is now purified from "the characteristics of nafs" which sometimes makes him worse than the animals. He is a real believer who is qualified to be the caliph of his Rabb (Allah) in earth by obeying the advices and rules of Allah (swt). When you look at them, you feel like you can see the behaviors of Rasulullah (s.a.w). You remember Allah (swt) Who is your creator.

# Sirat-i mustaqim (The Straight Path)

Dear Readers,

I have tried to explain Sirat-i mustaqim (the path of Justice and Truth) that Allah (swt) ordered in the most clear way by using different statements beginning with my first article "Correct Understanding the Human". It is not possible to understand and learn without experiencing this reality. As you cannot teach the colors to a blind person, you cannot explain the spiritual world, events, and their spiritual pleasures to a meaning blind person.

The way to get rid of the meaning blindness is a spiritual operation of which beginning is "faith". The basis of this development process is entering the path of justice and truth sincerely and willingly. Learning the spiritual realities is possible only with "faith". The human can comprehend the realities in accordance with his "faith". If a person doesn't have faith or cannot mature the faith, he was born blind and he will pass away blind. He thinks this spiritual realities don't exist because he cannot see them.

Dear Reader, the view of the "reality" in the visible world is called "sharia". Sharia means the fundamentals of faith, prohibitions and orders of Allah (swt) Who is the biggest reality. If a person sticks sharia with his heart and soul by believing in Allah (swt) sincerely, this path will bring him to reality which is the core and meaning of sharia, in other words Sirat-i mustaqim (the straight path) automatically as long as he is sincere in his works. The people who are not "sincere" in their beliefs and works cannot take a piece of meaning sea.

# The praise of the fifth dimension

Dear Readers,

This fifth dimension of our existence is a dimension that the person turns into "a real human" from "an ordinary man". This point of "maturity" is solely a mercy and gift of Allah (Swt) and Allah (swt) grants the divine grace to a small number of people upon His wish.

If one has the honor to be one of the happy servants who is granted with the mercy and gift, he must be grateful for the spiritual blessing, which is granted to a small number of people.

He must be grateful for all spiritual stages as faith, knowledge, being a servant, taqwa, vera, frankness, patience, consent, surrender, love and ma'rifa, and pray for the ones who lead us reach the grace, especially Rasulullah (s.a.w).

May Allah (swt) grant us with the honor and happiness of being a mature person! And grant us the "faith" safety in our last breaths.

Be entrusted to Allah. Peace be with you...

Dr. Ismail Ulukus


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