034  Signs of Doomsday (Qiyamah)

Dear Readers,

Rasulullah (s.a.w) informed through his hadiths some minor and major signs in detail that will occur before doomsday took place. In this section of my article, I will convey the hadiths as is regarding minor signs from the site[1], address of whom is given below.

# Minor signs of Doomsday

"In the time period near Doomsday, the minor signs will occur first, and the major ones will follow them. Some hadiths about the minor signs of it are as follows:"

"Doomsday will not come until people boast about mosques and decorations in them." [Ibn Majah]

"Doomsday will not come until a man satisfies his sexual need with another man and a woman satisfies her sexual need with another woman." [Hatib]

"Doomsday will not come until seditions increase." [Bukhari]

"Doomsday will not come until immorality and fornication are in the open, until neighbors become corrupt, until the untrustworthy are thought of as trustworthy and the trustworthy as untrustworthy, and until relatives stay aloof from one another." [I. Ahmad]

"I swear that Doomsday will not come to pass until miserliness and fornication emerge, until the trustworthy are betrayed and the untrustworthy are trusted, and until good people perish and evil ones prevail." [Hakim]

"Doomsday will not come as long as there is a Muslim on earth who says Allah." [Muslim]

"Doomsday will not come before time draws close, so that a year will be like a month? a month, like a week? a week, like a day? and a day, like an hour." [Tirmidhi]

"Doomsday will not come before knowledge disappears and before earthquakes and killings increase." [Bukhari]

"Doomsday will not come to pass before wealth becomes so abundant that no person will be found to give him zakat. When a person is presented zakat, he will say, 'I do not need it.'" [Bukhari]

"Doomsday will not come until two great armies, even though they share the same cause, fight each other and until liars who say “I am Allah’s messenger” appear." [Bukhari]

"Doomsday will not come before Muslims fight a war with Jews and before even rocks betray [by saying], 'O Muslim, kill the Jew hiding behind me'.” [Bukhari]

"Doomsday will not come until 70 liars who claim that they are messengers appear." [Tabarani]

"Doomsday will not come until a person is jealous of a male child as he is jealous of a woman." [Daylami]

"Doomsday will not occur before sodomy is considered permissible and before stones rain down from the sky." [Daylami]

"Doomsday will not come until the time when children will be quick-tempered and elders will be treated with disrespect." [Haraiti]

"A hundred years before Doomsday comes to pass, there will be no one on earth who worships Allah." [Hakim]

"Doomsday will not come until earthquakes, sedition, and homicides increase." [Bukhari]

"Doomsday will not come until the time when siblings follow different religions." [Daylami]

"Doomsday will not come before evil people dominate the world." [Tirmidhi]

"Doomsday will not come until the Quran is removed." [Abu Nuaim]

"Doomsday will befall only wicked people." [Muslim, Ibn Majah]

# When Doomsday approaches

"It is declared that the following will also happen when Doomsday approaches:"

"People will go to extremes in purity? they, falling into waswasa, will exceed the limits in the religion." [Abu Dawud]

"Kinds of wine will be produced with different names, and they will be considered halal." [I. Ahmad]

"Public morals will deteriorate, and living by the religion will be as difficult as holding fire in the palm of the hand." [Hakim]

"Keeping a dog will be more attractive than raising a child." [Hakim]

"If prostitutes increase and fornication becomes prevalent among a community, then people will be afflicted with contagious diseases never seen before. There will be practices of cheating in measuring and weighing, and difficulty in making a living will break out." [Bayhaqi]

"Musical instruments will be widespread, and security forces will increase." [Bayhaqi]

"Affairs will be handed over to incompetent people." [Bukhari]

"This religion was initially a stranger, and finally it will again become a stranger." [Tirmidhi]

"A person will give salam (Islamic greeting) only to those whom he knows, and writers will proliferate." [Hakim]

"The rich will be revered for their wealth. Fornication will spread. The number of illegitimate children will increase. The old will not be respected, nor will the young be shown mercy. Wolves will be in sheep’s clothing." [Hakim]

"The salah of tahiyyatulmasjid will not be performed anymore." [Tabarani]

"Knowledge will be removed. Ignorance, anarchy, and deaths will increase." [Ibn Majah]

"Scholars will issue fatawa in accordance with the wishes of people and declare what is halal to be haram and what is haram to be halal. They will use the Quran as a means for commercial benefit, for gain." [Daylami]

"People will only care about obtaining property and money? they will not be concerned about whether they are from halal or from haram." [R. Nasihin]

"More than a thousand people will perform salah in a mosque, but there will not be a believer among them." [Daylami]

"Trade will not be done without permission." [Muslim]

"Doomsday will occur on Friday." [Bukhari]

Dear readers, I think that when you read these hadiths you noticed that most of all these signs informed 14 centuries ago were revealed one by one today and you couldn't get yourself thinking how Rasulullah (s.a.w) could release us every event that would occur in future as if he had seen them.

# The cases revealed due to the weakness of faith

In fact explanation of the issue is quite simple. Religion is a divine educational process. The main benefaction provided by it is "faith". All benefaction and favors are revealed by the human’s faith and obedience to his Rab; this obedience conduce the human to have good morality by acquiring Allah’s good morality. This causes all good behaviors of Rab, such as fairness, justice, patience, mercy, generosity and keeping promise, to be seen at the human. If a man loses his faith with Rab, then he starts to see "his ego's desires" as a God instead of Rab. All malignities described in forementioned hadiths begin to be seen at the human subjected to his nafs (self), in other words, “a prisoner of his self”

That is to say, with simpler words, the minor signs of the Doomsday are the signs of unbelief or weakness of faith. While faith weakens, religion begins to be perceived just as a figure. When people begin to perform some formal rituals, they consider themselves as Muslim. However, "Islam" without "faith" seems just like an old plane tree in the garden of Kircami, of which inside was rotten completely, standing with buttress located in left and right side of it. I am, your helpless brother, writing these articles for this reason and struggling for that for years. Not to turn into plane trees with rotten inside… I wish Rab to purify us from suspicion and doubt, and make us faithful, perfect believers.

# Major signs of Doomsday

Dear Readers,

In this section, I will transfer the information about major signs of Doomsday from the same web site[2], from which I had conveyed minor signs of Doomsday.

When Doomsday is in the near future, following ten signs was informed to be arisen.

1. Hazrat Mahdi will come

It was stated in hadith-i sharifs:

"Before Doomsday, Allahu ta'ala will create one of my descendants, whose name and father’s name will be the same as those of mine. The earth, which will have been filled with cruelty before him, will be filled with justice during his time." [Tirmidhi]

"There will be a cloud just above Mahdi’s head. An angel from the cloud will say, 'This is Mahdi. Follow what he says'" [Abu Nuaim]

2. Dajjal will come

It was stated in a hadith-i sharif:

"Dajjal will appear and will claim that he is a god. He who believes in his divinity will be a disbeliever." [Ibn Abi Shayba]

3. Hazrat Isa (Jesus) will descend from the sky

It is declared in the Quran al-karim:

"We cursed Jews because of their saying, “We murdered Isa, son of Maryam, the Messenger of Allah.” They did not murder him, nor did they crucify him. The murdered one was made to appear to them like Isa." [Nisaa, 157]

"Hazrat Isa has been raised to the sky." [Nisaa, 158]

"It (Hazrat Isa’s descending from the sky in the time period close to Doomsday) is surely knowledge which shows the approach of Doomsday. Have no doubt about it." [Zukhruf, 61, Baydawi]

Also, it is declared in hadith-i sharifs:

"Isa will descend from the sky as a just judge. He will break the cross, kill pigs, and prohibit everything other than Islam." [Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi, Ibn Abi Shayba]

"With the descent of Isa, peace and security will prevail everywhere so much so that lambs will wander with wolves freely; children will play with snakes." [Abu Dawud]

"Doomsday will not come before 10 presages appear. One of them is Isa’s descent from the sky." [Muslim, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah, Nasai, Imam-i Ahmad, Tabarani, Ibn Hibban, Ibn Jarir]

4. Dabbat-ul-ard will emerge

Of the hadith-i sharifs on this topic, one purports as follows:

"Dabbat-ul-ard will touch a Believer with the staff of Musa. Then “He is destined for Paradise” will be written on his forehead, and his face will glitter. It will hit a disbeliever with the seal of Sulaiman. Then “He is destined for Hell” will be written on his forehead, and his face will blacken." [Tirmidhi]

The Quran al-karim, too, makes a reference to this beast. (Naml, 82)

5. Gog and Magog will appear

It is declared in the Quran al-karim:

"The wall will collapse; Gog and Magog will rush down from every hill." [Anbiya, 96]

It is stated in a hadith-i sharif:

"Gog and Magog are one of the first signs of Doomsday." [Ibn Jarir]

6. The Smoke will issue

It is purported in the Quran al-karim:

"Be on the watch for a day when Smoke issues from the sky." [Dukhan, 10]

Furthermore, a hadith-i sharif states:

"The effect of the Smoke for a believer will be like catching a cold, while it will be very severe for a disbeliever." [Abu Dawud]

7. The sun will rise in the west

It was stated in a hadith-i sharif:

"Doomsday will not come to pass until the sun rises in the west. All people will believe then, but their faith will be of no use to them." [Bukhari, Muslim]

It is purported in the Quran al-karim:

"On the day when some of the signs of your Lord come, believing then will be of no avail to a person who did not believe before, or who did not earn some good through his faith." [Anaam, 158]

Islamic scholars stated that one of the signs that is referred to in this verse is the sun’s rising in the west. In fact, the hadith-i sharif above clearly proclaims this fact.

8. The Fire will break out

It was stated in a hadith-i sharif:

"The fire breaking out in Hejaz will illuminate the necks of the camels in Basra." [Muslim]

9. The ground will cave in

It was said in a hadith-i sharif:

"The caving in of the ground will be witnessed: one in the east, one in the west, and one in the Arabian Peninsula." [Muslim, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah]

10. The Ka’ba will be destroyed

It was stated in a hadith-i sharif:

"An Abyssinian will destroy the Ka’ba. Now I see him pulling out the stones of Ka’ba one by one with his black hands." [Bukhari, Muslim]

# Let's listen to the word of truthful prophet

Dear readers, you will remember that world media controlled by the global deep state prepared doomsday scenarios by saying that "according to the Mayan calendar, on December 21th, 2012, doomsday will occur" until a couple of weeks ago. Strangely, gullible people convincing such lies always exist in the world although they have been deceived for a lot of times with lies like that. Very strangely, although most people were deceived completely by all these forged inculcates arranged by them in order to increase their own wealth, addressing the infinite desires of human’s nafs, these people ignore the right words of truthful messengers of Allah for thousands of years that will lead the human to reach benefaction. They have a suspicion and hesitancy of their right words that are mercy for everyone.

Surely Allah (swt) and His valuable messengers never lie. Maybe, there may be some error due to different understanding of the narrations. But they never lie… If you take a look at the lives of the hadith scholars in your free time, you will notice right away that these hadiths were compiled with great care. In addition, Rasulullah has given us a solid measure on this subject.

"Compare my hadith with Quran. If it complies with Quran, that word belongs to me, if it doesn’t, that word doesn’t belong to me." [Tabarani]

For this reason, dear readers, let’s listen to not doomsday scenarios of global media, but very valuable notifications of Rasulullah (s.a.w), of which accuracy was proved by both historical events and new scientific studies being made every day.

Be entrusted to Allah.

Dr. Ismail Ulukus

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