001  Foreword

Dear readers,

I conveyed some information to you that constitutes the foundation of our future life belief. But in our everyday life we are confronted with such expressions of a secret unrest that always drag us in trouble, which of course is a big mistake to pass without telling them. Prevention of the loss is come before the gain a favor. Of course the most important thing is the everlasting happiness of a person. Everything that prevents it and tackle is the most important task of all of us.

This game; sometimes by exploiting "the feelings of compassion" in our beautiful people; sometimes "the feelings of liberty", which is "one of the main elements of the human nature", are exploited; sometimes by exploiting "people's arrogance and self-esteem"; sometimes it is played very sneaky, very skillfully, very intelligently, by exploiting "the national and religious feelings". Fully scientific methods are used.

The Global Invisible Government is one of the most obscure, most organized, intelligent, well-worn, and most widespread of the world that has ever come to us, materially and nonmaterially impoverished by us, our goods, our sons, our peacefulness and much more importantly, our irrationality and everlasting happiness that will last forever. it is the most selfish organization that constantly produces evil on its behalf. This is invisible, but it is not possible to understand any social phenomenon correctly without knowing the mechanism that comes to mind at some point in the experience, sometimes humanity, sometimes civilization, sometimes the mechanism that moves towards its goal in the postmodern posture.

It is a constantly growing and increasingly active movement by constantly introducing new agendas and engaging people with them, transferring all the resources of the world behind the scenes. These words may come to you, perhaps as an intellectual obsession. No... Hundreds of people are dying all over the world every day because of their unrest. Remember the events before September 12, when dozens of people died each day, when people became relentless enemies of each other ... Only in the first and second world wars tens of millions of people lost their lives due to their unrest. For that reason, it is very important for us to know this unrest mechanism, the tools, tools and methods that they use and to come to their games. Especially for our siblings with state responsibility

As the place comes and the opportunity is high, if god lets, I will continue to explain to you these ugly games. Now, carefully read these articles that have been written so far and try to get to know them and their ugly games more closely.

Be entrusted to Allah.

Dr. İsmail Ulukuş

Antalya, September 18, 2013