002  Our brains are being controlled by deep state

Dear readers,

In my previous article, I had mentioned about a new order emerged after the industrial revolution and the birth of the world banking system that supports it. Such a system, of course, was a system that was based entirely on mutual interest relations and that had divinised the "money". In the course of time, the system had become a universal order and had been begun to be ruled by a Jewish team that held about two-thirds of the entire capital in the world.

No doubt about that, so as to keep such system viable and profitable, the law systems of the nations and more importantly peopleís ideas and tendencies must be controlled by such organization. Because such a system had been based on to gain more capital and property, at last, unavoidably, had been caused many injustices. The conflicts between such tortfeasors and the section whom faced injustices, had increased the newspapers, magazines or other communication instruments, all together media; and such circumstances had caused to born a new power. The global power had not be late to understand the importance of the media and other news networks power. All broadcasting organization had gradually been taken over by such global power. And so, the system had been completed and had begun to go like clockwork.

The biggest enemy of such system was the authoritative regimes. Being combined all the powers into the one person at the authoritative regimes, was spoiling the operation of global system. So, in order to achieve the succesful operation of that system, all rulers (kings) must be fallen and a multi-party democratic system must be replaced for that. Because, at a multi-party democratic system, by giving the necessary support through the media organization, the intended political party could be the ruler of such country and the intended activities could be carried out through the non-governmental organizations; and the administrators, whom are common men, could be directed by the pressure groups and the advisors who secretly worked for such systems and so, all desired political, legal and administrative results were being taken.

The invention of television and internet had been added spice to that situation. And by means of the scientific developments, they could manage to enter into the most remote corners of our homes. At present, all necessary information are be given to the people who sitting comfortably against the television, and some unintended events or informations are be omitted easily and some things that they desire, are shown as a good thing or vice versa. Peoples are distracted from the reality by creating an enmity within the society fragments, and while the peoples are busy for a different agenda, the most important financial resources are already been flown to such system owners.

The system, now, had being worked in a harmony. For example, if any political movement had wanted to be created, firstly, the intellectual ground was being prepared through the newspaper articles, discussion programs of televisions, television series and games; some opposing persons that will oppose that fact were being sentenced through unreal accusations in the eyes of the people before being judged yet; and later on the intended activities had being carried out as what it should be. If no results had been yielded from such process, the governments were being tried to influence by the economic crises which are being emerged through financial games; or the international organizations such as NATO, BM were being put into action by global power. The economic direction was perfect. For instance, if any vaccine company had excess stock for flu vaccine, then, through the media organization, the fear of flu was being spreaded to the whole world and such stocks were being finished by the governments which have to buy certain amount of them. One day, for motherís day, one day for valentineís day, or new fashion creation, all such activities make us bought new items to serve them better.

Dear Readers, believe it or not, our nafs (egos) and brains are now under the control of Global Deep State. They direct us in line with their desires. We have become as if a loyal robot of them. The most amazing part is that, they let us make these things by our consent. And they mostly uses children and women, who are apt to desires of their ego.

Dear readers, we must not let them to use our brains and egos and turn into a system slave. We must not forget that, the egos only be ameliorated by being subject to Allah. Only the ones who devote himself/herself to Allah are be freed from the material and such system slavery. Rasulullah (s.a.w.) ordered that:

"The most unpleasant thing be prayed for, and be idolized, is the humanís desires." [Tabarani]

"Allah orders that: Be enemy against your nafs (ego), because it is my enemy too." [M. Rabbani]

"The most supreme jihad is the ones, which carried out through nafs." [Ibni Nejjar]

"The ones, who makes his/her nafs servile, make his/her religion the beloved one; the ones who exalt the nafs, humiliate religion." [Abu Nuaym]

Make our religion enshrined. It is not possible to get rid of from such slavery unless we try to make our religion enshrined.

Be entrusted to Allah.