003  Our Value judgments are in the target of Global           Powers

Dear readers,

I had mentioned previously that, The Global Powers has managed the whole world through four instruments, mason lodges, secret services, world banking system and media, and they has ruled our brains through the socio-economic structure that they had created, and what is more, they let us made it by our consent and desires.

They let us make them by our consent. Because, the system are changing all our value judgments owned by us and they fill our brains with the informations created by themselves.

Dear readers, our thoughts and beliefs determine our behavior. If we have negative impact on somebody, then we approach such people in suspicious, watchful and cautious manner. Such ideas and belief owned by us are shaped by the judgments we have on any matter. Some of these judgment are “Scientific Judgments” and we have no doubt to them because they evidenced by the scientific experiment.

Some of these are “Value Judgments”. These are the judgments that formed through the value assignment to any object or phenomenon, by the religion, the state, or any community. For example, The Azan has no meaning for the persons other than muslims. But for a muslin, it is symbol of religion. If state were not to assign any value onto the banknotes in circulation, then it wouldn’t any value and there would be no difference between an ordinary paper and such banknotes. The value of Turkish National Flag (the star and the crescent) wouldn’t have such a sacred value, if Turkish people were not assign such importance onto it because it represents the Turkish nation. Dear readers, “Scientific judgments” are the most reliable one because of its controllable nature when it is tried again. But the “Value judgments” aren’t in such reliable category. These are relative judgments. If the state removes 100 Turkish Liras banknotes from the circulation, such banknotes shall not have any value. If the pink blouse, which are fashionable now, could easily lose its value when any change in the fashion excludes it.

But as i stated previously on one occasion, the religious judgments aren’t in such group. Because of the fact that such judgments had assigned by Allah, which is the creator and its rulemaker of the worlds, such judgments are the ones expressed the reality. From this point of view, they could be comparable to the scientific judgments. Just as the characteristics of the scientific judgments, which we will get the same results if we would try it again; the trueness of these religious judgments can be also proved by using scientific methods again and again. It is not a difficult thing that to prove scientifically the damage of concepts such as lie, wastefulness, arrogance, alcohol, adultery, all of which are proscribed by religion, and the benefits to the people of behaviours such as the prayer, fasting, alms and salutation, which ordered and recommended by religion. But, although showing the true path of the life, the valuation of such religious judgment in the eyes of that person, could only be possible if the person(s) belive(s) in them. There is no value of these for the infidels. Because of that situation, the faith is the most crucial and important part of the religion. If no faith exists, none of the benefits from these rules will emerge, because of that such rules and judgments cannot be apply as it should be. For this reason, from this concepts, the main pillar of the religion is “faith”, namely to believe in Allah and be subjected and surrender to. This circumstance could be stated within the following utterance “Lailahe illallah, Muhammedur rasullulah”. The sincerity at the word of person can be understood by staying away of him from harams (the things forbidden by religion). It was ordered in hadith that:

The ones who uttered sincerely Lâilâhe illallah shall go to heaven. To utter sincerely means to avoid from harams.

The one of the most important characteristic of the religious judgments from the other ones is their stability. The changes in the religion are called as “bid’at”. Bid’ats are behaviours which degenerates the real religion and distract us from the God’s command. Because of the foregoing, it has been strictly prohibited. It was ordered in the following hadiths that;

All fabrication made in the name of religion are “bid’at” and each and every “bid’at” is perversion and each and every perversion goes the ones to the hell. [Bukhari, Muslim, Ibni Maja, Nasai]

The one, who respect the bid’at owner, shall be deemed as among those whom help to destroy the Islam. [Tabarani]

After spreading Bid’ats into the worlds and subsequent persons curse their predecessor, the science owner notify such circumstances to everyone. The ones who don’t notify and cover its science, they shall be deemed as among those who cover the Quran as well. [Ibni Asakir]

The prayer, fasting, pilgrimage, umrah, jihad, sunna, supererogatory prayer of Bid'at owner don’t accepted before Allah, and abandoning the religion will be as easy as pie. [Ibni Maja]

Dear reader, Turkish nation is very precious one. Such characteristic of precious is coming from our nation’s theophobia and stick their heart and soul to perform religious obligations without diverted by any bid’at. These value judgments of Islam keep our country, which consists of different races, together. The whole peoples of our country are good ones thanks to such Islamic judgments and they try to spread all goodness to the whole world.

But in recent years, our religious judgments are under fire by the implacable enemy, called as Global Deep State.

Be entrusted to Allah.