004  the power that causes deviation from “Sirat-i           mustaqim”

Dear readers,

There is no doubt that, the salvation of humankind is only possible to keep away from the superstitious and to be subject to Allahu Teala who is the absolute truth, and to the science and the religion that is the manifestations of the factual attributes of Allah on earth. Science and religion represent the verses of Allahu Teala, at the worlds, one material (visible) and the other spiritual (invisible behind the material). They are arranged to complement each other by the Creator. One of them leads one to the realities of the earth and the universe, and the other to a true and humanistic life style that is in harmony with it. By believing Allah, which the creator, regulatory and manager and keeper of such reality, if the human live as per such knowledge presenting to us by the science and religion, then he/she could reach to the “sýrat-ý müstakim”, thus be subject to Allahu Tealâ, the creator of these realities. Such devotion called as Islam. Islam means to the right life style of all universal times, which contains always benevolence and kindness.

But anyway, and as i mentioned in my previous articles, there is no condition for to be subjected to the scientific realities, but to be subjected to the religious judgments, because of the religion dogma and value judgment nature, could only be possible by faith. There is no meaning of such for the one whom has no faith. Therefore, the first target of the Global Deep State, which tries to rule the world through erasing the cultural values, are the faith of our believed people. But, Allahu teala warns them within the Quran:

"Do no mischief on the earth, after it hath been set in order, but call on Him with fear and longing (in your hearts): for the Mercy of Allah is (always) near to those who do good." [Araf, 56]

"When it is said to them: Make not mischief on the earth, they say: Why, we only want to make peace!" [Bakara, 11]

"Of a surety, they are the ones who make mischief, but they realize (it) not. " [Bakara, 12]

Dear readers, to become a mature creature by achieving the fifth dimension is depend on the compliance of the humankind to the value judgments of religion. When mankind comply with the value judgments which stipulated by Allah, then such person(s) will be able to achieve the peak of humanitarian and civilized life anywhere, and anytime. They be an excellent human. Their hearts find peace. They achieve to the eternal bliss, which cover the world and the otherworld. While this is the case, the Global Deep State erodes and destroys all these values, which we have owned through the material, monetary, ruthless socio-economic liberal structure which is created by them; and all our civilized accumulations have been melting like an ice stayed under the sun.

It is difficult to find any advertisement that not promoting interest rates, and any soap operas, of which stars don’t live a illicit life, or not contain any alcohol or narcotic scenes. Like mostly women, my wife also a soap-opera addicted. Sometimes, in order to keep company to her, i pay attention to the radio games and soap operas that she chose. Mostly all of the soap operas contain adultery content such as a men cheating on his wife or vice versa. You could easily suppose that, all human kind live in an illicit way. So, the lie, deception, debt denial, not keeping his/her words are the ordinary part of our life. They are been trying to divert peoples eating, drinking, travelling and to live theirs day. Modesty and decency are the main pillar of the faith and civilized life-style; the lifestyles which has no relationship with the such values are been tried to legalize and people are been tried to divert from such values. The lesbianism, homosexuality, which don’t use the humankind even if animal creature, had been tried to legalize in some countries.

Allah is warned us regarding such phenomenon:

"And follow not the bidding of those who are extravagant, Who make mischief in the land, and mend not (their ways)." [Shuaraa, 151-152]

Dear readers, most of the people accept such situation as usual and naturally. They are mistaken. These are long-term, all-purpose social engineering activities, which managed by singled handed and cover the whole world. These are the one which relates to the whole humankind. This is not only a cultural movement. This movement also intends to turn the humankind into a slave. Without any knowledge regarding its essence, it is not possible to truly understand such movement. Because of the foregoing reasons, everyone must be knowledged about such movement and done what is necessary in line with his/her responsibility.

Be entrusted to Allah.