006  The years without barakah start in our lives

Dear readers,

Along with industrial revolution, years without barakah have started in our lives. The mentality behind this is very well explained through the simple true story that follows:

We were fourth graders at faculty of agriculture. They have sent us to Menemen (a city) farm of our faculty for an internship which would last for eight months. The students were offered agricultural practices on the fields, orchards, vineyards and animal farms available here. Internship duration, was held long enough to cover a whole vegetation period from planting to harvesting, of arable crops. It was a good idea. Actually we have learned all the practices here, except for the basic quality required to be an engineer, such as to make and perform a project. We practiced pruning, learned how to drive tractor, did sowing and planting, learned hoe and mattock, collected cotton, milked cows, practiced de-stoning...

There was a large management building in the middle of the farmyard, downstairs being the dining hall, upstairs being the sleeping quarter, and a large barrack made of corrugated metal sheet which is designed as a place of rest and entertainment... We used to spend our free time here except for the work hours. Some was playing saz (a musical instrument), some was playing chess, some was chatting and was reading books Our biggest issue was the big dranage channel passing through the farm. It's a complete mosquitoes nest. But what terrible mosquitoes ... They would sting even from the outside of the jacket. There is a glass section at the eastern exit of the barrack. From here, you can pass to dining hall. One of the glass parts on the glass section got cracked. And there is a hyperactive kind of friend of ours. One day we were sitting close to there and he kicked cracked glass hardly. And of course, the whole shattered glass was slumped on the ground...

"Do you see" I said; "If that clear glass was taped with a clear tape, it would keep on protecting us from mosquitoes for months and years to come."

His answer was: "Dear ›smail, it seems you didnít get this economic system well. If i donít break this glass, to whom will PaĢabahÁe sell what it produced? Do you want to get the factory closed?"

Of course, I didní want to get the factory closed. However, it was not necessary to break an otherwise useable glass -especially for the purposes of keeping a factory open.

Dear readers, a new life perspective which takes away the barakah of our possessions has emerged. However actual destruction did not come from this conception. What caused the actual destruction, was the metamorphosis in our value judgments caused by Global Deep State, which uses the liberal structure to serve its purposes.

Global Deep State always remained behind the curtain yet, notwithstanding has governed all the world. Throughout the centuries they were exposed themselves only once. And it was when the notes of a presentation session in France were stolen at the beginning of the last century. These notes[1] have first been published in Russia at early 1900's. Then in England. Then at various other places. It caused massive unrest wherever it was published. Global Deep State has ever tried to prove that it was fake and it kept denying the document through its media organs all the time. However, what a pity, every incidence since the time it was published has confirmed its authenticity. Any invisible factors, are understandable through their effects. Especially when there is a document at hand, and every incidence is confirming the document and planned actions one by one and explicitly materialize; no one would believe if one insists that it is a conspiracy theory. I had read the document in 1967 for the first time. Content made me surprised. My 45 years of observations made me believe that the documents which were exposed a hundred years ago are still in force and step by step we are coming closer to the end. These documents clearly explain what is Global Deep State, and what does it do for what reason and by what means; who and what are in its use and how does it utilize them; and how did it bring us to this situation. You can read the documents through the link at the footnote. But you must hurry. Because every website which published the documents has been closed by court decision. Probably, this website as well will be closed after a while.

The information on these, apparently, has been prepared for presentation by wise persons. The information on these documents concern everyone around the world. Everybody must read it. Without proper understanding of the information on the documents; it is not possible to understand any incidence which occurs in our country or abroad. Moreover, these documents include very important secrets relating the governance of state. Especially those who wish to govern the state should read absolutely these documents. Be entrusted to Allah.

[1] http://www.masonluk.4t.com/protokoller.htm