007  The project to own the world

Dear readers,

There is the plannings of global deep state behind the curtain, regarding the social events occurring in many countries. As for the ideological core of this organisation, it is the jewish-devoutness carried-away to politic line in consequence of misinterpreting. Their actual purpose is to establish a world state based on their own religious law.

According to the document which was accidentally emerged due to negligence and disclosing the nature and program of this secret activity, this has been a continuing project from very old centuries. And the expressions on the document clearly indicate that they won’t quit unless the objective is accomplished:

“What lies in front of us is a strategical plan. We cannot deviate from this plan unless we see centuries of failure with this plan."

Global Deep State believes that it does evil to reach a certain goodness; and considers to be legitimate all actions to reach the goal:

"Goodness of a unshakeable governance will be born from the evil we temporarily have to commit."

"An objective legitimates the means."

"Our motto is strength and insincerity. ... This evil is the only means of achieving the goodness in the end. Accordingly, whenever they serve our purposes; we must not hesitate about bribery, fraud, deceptiveness and infidelity. We must know how to gain possession of others’ properties through politics."

They use everything and everyone, and do not hesitate to try whatsoever means on the way to their objective.

"Means of terrorism which consumes everything, are belong to us. At our service; there are various persons from every idea and ideology such as those who want to bring monarchy back and any sort of demagogs, socialists, communists, any type of utopists. We have set them to their tasks. Each one of these are destroying the last pieces of authority in an attempt to take down any established form of order."

Persons' frailty, covetousness, passion for money and titles, allow them to be bought-in easily and be used to serve the purposes of Global Deep State.

"Material needs, money issues, covetousness are the most sensitive feelings of persons, hence in our relations with the people we meet these senses to request things; persons actions are bought by means of paying according to their tendencies."

"Our weapons are limitless passion, burning greed, merciless grudge, malice and animosity."

As people enter under the service of Global Deep State due to their own greed and passion, naturally, they have no fidelity, thankfulness of gratitude to those who serve them. For this reason many people who brought damage to their state during their years of serving for the Global Deep State, have been folded and thrown aside like a piece of paper after they have done what they have to do. Remember the statesmen who were brought to power with great compliments, only to be dethroned or even executed at a later time. This is normal too. Because regardless of the fact that they promise goodness; as clearly seen through their revelations on the document, Global Deep State is an establishment of cruelty. Prophet (s.a.w.) who always clarifies the truth, prescribes as follows:

"Whoever helps the cruel, Allah will make him troubled with that cruel" [Ajluni, Ibni Asakir].

Masonic lodges are one of the most helpful associations in serving the purposes of global deep state. Here we see what the document says about masons:

"We will gather all these lodges under a central management establishment which consists of our leaders and which is exclusively known to us, and definitely not anyone else."

"Why did we invent all these measures afterall.. Why, really? If it is not meant for achieving through entangled ways, what our community cannot achieve through straight ways? This, serves as a basis for our secret masonry establishment, however unknown to those other unaware cows whom we included in false armies of masonic lodges in order to throw sand to the eyes of their friends and they don’t even doubt the purposes of the establishment."

"Certainly it is no one but us, who is to guide masonic activities. Because we know from where we are guided. We have the consciousness of the final objective for any type of operation.”

Dear readers, Global Deep State is such an ungrateful establishment that it calls masons who served for years for the purposes of Global Deep State’s world dominion, as “cows”. For this reason, believer brothers of us who are registered to these lodges should reconsider their status and should not help the treason to the values of this nation by the deep state.

Be entrusted to Allah.