008  How do they control the world

Dear readers,

The Global Invisible Government how did he control them by shattering all the values that kept the states of the earth for centuries, now let us look at it:

"It is impossible to rule without a determinate plan."

"Anyone who wants to rule must be both cunning and impulsive. Qualities such as clarity and honesty, which are regarded as a virtue among the people, are the flaws in politics. "

"Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood, thanks to our unconscious agents, ..are the wrecking worms that devour people's well-being, sow, calm, destroy, destroy all the institutions of the state on all sides."

"So-called intelligent people, scholars, can not understand the true meanings of these absolute words. ... They do not see equality between living creatures and can not be liberty. Creativity does not equal intellect, choice and abilities. "

"Freedom is an impossible ideal to realize.Because nobody knows how to use it as measured. It is sufficient to give the people authority to govern themselves for a determinate period, to make them an irregular mob. After that, there is a lethal battle there, and in a short time it becomes a class struggle. In this situation the states will disappear and disappear. "

"Common people are brutal and show their savagery at every opportunity. Common people; when he gets his hands on liberty, that liberty quickly becomes anarchy, which is the highest grade of brutality. "

“Freedom word; sends human societies to every battle, to every kind of authority, even to war against Allah and the laws of creation.”

For this reason, when we establish our state, we shall be obliged to erase this word which has made it a cruel principle and animals that have become blood-thirsty animals from life. "

"It must be known that the common people are blind, numb and inept. They always keeps his suggestions from any side. ... Even if they have a great intelligence, they can not advance as the leaders of the mass without bringing the whole nation to the state without understanding the politics yet.

“....they fall on party disputes because they are guided only by small ambitions, insignificant convictions, customs, memories, feelings.”

“The people left to their own, that is, the people who are left to see afterwards, lead themselves to sacrifice by the party contests driven by trying to obtain power and reputation, and the confusion arising therefrom. Is it possible for the masses of people to decide quietly and with little jealousy, and deal with the affairs of the country without confounding their personal interests? "

"The possibility of this change of the people's representatives made them subject to our emotions and thus gave us the power to appoint them."

"Today we are an invincible situation as an international force. Because we are supported by other states if we are not attacked by any state. "

"Politics is the main reason for success is the secrecy of the undertakings."

"Who can overthrow an invisible force and in what sort of situation? Our strength is such a force. "

Dear readers, undoubtedly the lives of people in peace and security depend on a state authority which is used in favor of justice and fairness and against good and evil. Now think about a neighborhood of 10 thousand inhabitants living in peace and security in the city. If a thief comes out here, because of that one thief, all the people who live in that neighborhood become uneasy and have to sleep by locking their doors. If the state uses the "security forces" and the "legal system" to attract and punish an evil society, society will return to its former state.

In other words, it is a state authority exercising justice that keeps societies in peace and security.

As is clear from the above quotes, Global Invisible Government has for years weakened and weakened the states by creating opposition groups within the nations and firing them against each other by provoking people who actually live freely and comfortably with the slogans of "freedom", "equality" and "fraternity" on the one hand and then controlling them It has received.

Interesting thing is that these tactics have been applied in the same way for centuries. In the meantime, they were using the slogans "Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood" to lift the Ottoman Empire. They are now using the slogan "More liberty, more democracy and more human rights". And they are no longer afraid to use military force against the states they are weakened by internal confusion.

Be entrusted to Allah.