009  Divide and govern! Indebt, and make them           compromise

Dear readers,

Global Deep State which encourages people to slogan around freedom, equality, democracy, civil disobedience against state authority and encourages them to rebel on one hand, and on the other hand it creates opposing communities within the society and makes them fight among eachother, in order to make a state weaker. For centuries this tactic has never changed:

"... we brought them to a state where each one opposed one another."

"...we made government a target position for every ambition."

"Talkative babblers turn preelementary sessions and governance meetings into a talking competition. Venturous newsagents and unconscionable writers attack administrative authorities of public."

"We brought them against one another through the desires of their community and person, as well as their nationalist and religious feelings of hatred which we fed and developed through the twenty centuries."

Dear readers, don’t you think these words which were said a hundred years ago match the scene in today's Turkey? It seems that they are able to obtain “perfect” results through the methods they have been applying for centuries.

"Media", no doubt; is one of the biggest support and manipulation tools of Global Deep State during the performance of all these actions.

"There is a great power in the hand of today’s states. It creates ideological movements within the society. This is press. Function of the press is to show every need as an essential need, to publish the suffering of the public and to create unrest.”

"But states did not know how to utilize this power and now it is in our hands. Through press and publications, we had the chance to remain behind the curtain while still being effective. We captured the gold, notwithstanding the fact that we had to collect it from among the streams of tear and blood."

"We have to obligate the governments to act towards the direction that would serve our plan, and to achieve this through what we will prompt and present as public opinion through the press and publication which is at our hands except for a few exceptions." And they do as they said.

Dear readers, there is no doubt that media and communication tools have increased in variety and their coverage is broadened since the time these were said, of course, in the meanwhile control and direction power of the Global Deep State has increased at an equal rate. Now through the devices at every corner of our homes, on our study desk, even in our pockets; they are able to prompt us with any ideas they would wish to.

Global Deep State, is designing the societies’ idea and impressions of society’s members on one hand and on the other hand; indebting the nations which are dragged to shortage through turmoils hence being able to control them as it wishes:

"If a nation consumes itself with instabilities, or if its inner disputes make it weaker than its opponents: it can be considered to have been subject to an irreparable loss: Now it is under our dominion. Autocracy of the capital which is completely at our hands will pass him a straw. The state will hold on it of necessity."

"Any type of borrowing proves weakness of the state and low intuition of the statesmen. When state leaders borrow money from our bankers instead of borrowing a temporary tax from their subjects, their choice of borrowing hang on the heads of the state leaders like a sword of Damocles.”

"Indebting is issuing of bonds with a certain rate added to the capital amount given as a debt. If the rate is five per cent then in 20 years the state will have paid double the amount which was actually borrowed in exchange for nothing, but as a rate."

"As it can be seen, instead of collecting the last coins of the tax-payer poor for their own needs without being have to pay rates, states take these last coins to make dealings with the strangers from which it borrowed money."

"Their borrowing from us and paying rate, and not thinking that this money will be taken back along with the rate and from their own state; is a clear indicator of their undeveloped power of thinking and wild animal brains. What could be easier than their borrowing the money they needed from their own folks.”

Such true words! Really. Why don’t the governments get the money they need from their own people but bankers of the Global Deep State and pay rate forever??!...

Be entrusted to Allah.