010  How does an economic crisis come about

Dear readers,

One of the control measures that the Global Invisible Government has successfully implemented for centuries is to bring about "economic crises". While raw materials are being produced and kept, while the factories keep this raw material in the form of products that people need, while the workers are working and standing, while people are buying and selling commodities, transportation and trade are running in a hurry, interest? Let us take the answer to this question from their own documents:

"The economic crises we are bringing in to other states are not brought to the market by means other than drawing money from the curse. We pulled the money out of the states and made immense capital immobilize. "

Dear readers, money is a kind of concentrated energy. With it you can get any kind of goods and services, you can add pleasure. This is the main reason behind the deification of money by many people who are self-defeated. Wherever money enters, there is a movement, a vitality. The money will not stop the man where he stopped. Accordingly our forebears kept the barley, which gives money to the horse, in the same category and:

"Barley makes horse restless; money makes human chatty." to be said

Restless means that active, bouncy, very moving; chatty means that yapper, loquacious. Here is the Global Invisible Government that grasps the importance of money and gold very well; have always tried to keep these resources in their own right throughout history:

"The wheels of all the state mechanisms are driven by an engine force that is in our hands. The state's engines are under this engine."

"Secondly, we must say that all the money in the world will be collected in our hands."

"We desire that the industry pulls both labor and capital out of the country and that all of us outside of us will be thrown into the ranks of the proletariat so that all of the world's money can be eliminated through speculation."

They want all the economic resources to be gathered in their hands, and all the other people to come to be the workers who serve them.

"We want that in all the countries of the world, there are several millionaire, policemen and soldiers other than us, but only proletariat herdsmen, our interests."

The most important method they use to achieve this goal is economic crises. With economic crises, societies are getting poorer, while the Global Invisible Government, with the interest rates paid by states to survive the crisis, adds wealth to its richness.

The most important mediators they use to create economic crises are "stock exchanges", "banks" and "exchange rates". The money circulating in the market is called hot money. Unless the state's money is taken into account, it is the stock market and the banks that determine the amount of money in circulation. For this reason, the Global Invisible Government has made major pressure on governments in recent years to open stock markets and strengthen banks. Now that you have no money to pay, you can buy the stocks and treasuries of any business at the computer and move the production of that company to unimaginable size; you can put the company or state you want into by typing your money and removing these stocks and treasuries. In short, these things are no longer necessary to be bothered by the speculators of the Global Invisible Government.

Dear readers, Global Invisible Government, is the essence of all the practices that he has done for the world sovereignty project, using the "inferior people who can do everything for his own benefit" and "media" in the states, and bringing them in disarray in this mess.

"If the turmoil in the world is growing, it is the fallacy that we have provoked them to break up his great solidarity. If an intrigue emerges behind them, then the head of this entree will be no more than one of our most reliable servants."

They never hesitate to do world war for that.

"We must respond to all opposition movements against us with a war declared by the neighbors of the daring country.But if those neighbors are taken to the danger of opposing us, then we must endure with a world war. "

Please remember the two great world wars they left. They have strengthened their dominance on earth after these wars. There are no jokes. If they are at the expense of the blood and the lives of millions of people, they never hesitate to take out a third world war. For that reason, the leaders who govern the states should be awake, they should not come to the game, they should betray their nation and take millions of people's sin. Then they can not answer to Allah.

Be entrusted to Allah.