011  The legal basis of the one world state is being taken

Dear readers,

The hardest things to understand are the social events. In all complex events where a large number of factors are active, the result is the main factor, which is the largest share in the composition. The main factor in the turmoil in many countries around the world is the Global Invisible Government, which pursues a reign of the earth. Based on observations of up to half a century, I can say with certainty that the programs of the Global Invisible Government, which have only emerged once for centuries, continue to be practiced in our time. Now, the end has been approached in a significant way. It was then that documentary:

"We have already virtually destroyed all kinds of government other than ourselves, even though most of them are legally present."

they said. Now they are trying to throw away the legal foundations of the one world state they are trying to establish:

“Then, our civil law, we will abstain from the national law and govern the relations between the civil laws of the state and the government, so the nations will manage.”

First of all, they are trying to gather in regional unions like the European Union (EU), the Eurasian Union, the Southeast Asian Nation, the South American Union and the African Union, and then join them under a single roof. The EU is the first experiment. They do everything by accustom. Subsequent are based on EU. First of all, it seems like the economic communities are entrepreneurs, since the ones who govern the states do not overdo it. Initially, their aim was free trade, customs union, free circulation of labor ... Behind it comes the necessary legal arrangements for a state: Common constitution, common parliament, common currency, common status and laws ... Thus, the sovereignty of states in real and in fact is legally registered. Nations also have to keep a gape on them. The most surprising aspect of the work is that all these roads leading to the slavery of man are presented as a great favor. People will understand what kind of game they are in after they have established the real one world state:

"We will begin to open our government to openness. When time comes, we will redo all laws."

"These laws will take back all the freedoms and freedoms recognized by them, and our kingdom will end up with a magnificent desire to destroy the person who will speak or act against us at any moment and in every place.”

In short, the end of this trend is the slavery of humanity and oppression.

Dear readers, Allah created human beings differently from all other beings, and the absolute people became the caliph on earth. Human is a saintly entity. The qualities of the sublime of the great and merciful creator manifest and appearing on human in the best possible way. We look at the wonders that human has designed, built, produced, built in the earth. Certainly, these are due to the extraordinary abilities Allah has given to human. The most important of these abilities is intelligence and wisdom. Thanks to these two great talents, mankind is in constant search and this quest makes man become a passion for new and different things. Even the most conservative people have an interest and curiosity towards different things. This is what human beings are one of the greatest trumps of the Global Invisible Government:

“The whole power of our principles and methods lies in the fact that we do not show them as a brilliant remake of the dead and corrupted old-fashioned things in social life, and that we interpret it in such a way.”

However, every new thing is not necessarily good and beautiful. We have been seeing what has been presented to us as novelty in education for years since our children have suffered. Now, in the future, there is a generation who thinks nothing but himself, beating his teachers, drawing a knife to his parents !!? But should not we have to raise them more responsible, more disciplined, more obedient, more decent, more productive?! .. Did not we have to teach them that no trouble-free success, no mercy-free blessings can be obtained?

"We took the ends of the winders who moved their institutions.... mechanism. These winders are located in a tight but precise place in order. Instead of them, we placed a license to the liberal confusion. We have introduced our laws of education and training, which are the cornerstones of the execution of the laws, the exercise of the law, the freedom of the press, the freedom of the person, and in particular freely. "

What more can be said about such open manifestations? Comment is yours! ...

Be entrusted to Allah.