012  The Legal System is in control of the Global Power

Dear readers,

Looking at large-scale political events, do not think that the Global Invisible Government is only interested in the administrative structures of states. They do not only make political arrangements in the world, they corrupt all the cultural values that societies possess by means of a large media army under their control and replace them with new values for their own purposes. Thus, in almost every country, the high moral values that keep societies alive are abraded, the understanding of justice is diluted, and the legal system is fully politicized:

"We made some major moves on the way to taking only giving them false meanings in opposing interpretationsaffairs without substantive changes to existing laws."

"In the most important and essential tasks and affairs, judges will decide how we dictate to them ..."

“Those who commit crimes against us will be detained on the initial suspicions that they may or may not retainer serious grounds. It is not permissible to be given the opportunity to escape a person who is suspected of having committed a political offense or crime. Because we will be merciless with these meanings in these matters. "

Thus, while the legal order of the countries is being destroyed, on the other hand the youths of the nations are subversioned with new theories, useless works, drinks, gambling, prostitution, drugs:

“We educated them in the principles and theories that we are known to be wrong, along with this, and we have misled and disguised their youth.”

"We heard that all the principles that spoil their order very brightly should be put into their education."

“Their youth has been raised in a foolish way by classicism and primordial immorality and poisoned by our special agents, teachers, servants, maidens in the houses of the rich, cliques, and the women in the debauchery where they often go.”

Certainly, these methods, which they used a century ago, have totally changed with advancing science and technology, and the theories of Darwinism, communism, humanism, yesterday, which have been inspired by youth, have now been replaced by porn sites, gambling sites, satanic worship sects, homosexual clubs, drug networks, music and entertainment festivals. Although the methods used vary, the essence always remains the same: To keep people away from the big closets where the souls engage in idleness and make their eyes and minds. Every evil they do not want for themselves is revered to the rest of the world. What kind of religion is this? How can a religion that Allah taught for peace and prosperity of all mankind be interpreted so distorted? Rasulullah (s.a.w.) Holiness:

"For others you love what you love for yourself, you are a Muslim." [Harati] said.

Dear readers, of course, there is a strong sense of justice that keeps societies alive and high morality and choice. The source of these is Islam, which has been given the same message to thousands of prophets since Adam. The value judgments that religion brings are universal judgments, encompassing all-time, involving objective measures about "good" and "evil", which are actually taught by Allah. When people live with these measures, societies reach their highest level, and live in peace and security. The Global Invisible Government, a representative of an understanding that is misunderstood to regard themselves as human beings and all other human communities as animal herds, sees all other religions as undesirable and attempts to remove them altogether:

"Other religions, other than our religion of God, whose fate is connected and through which we are combined with our fate and the fate of the world, will be undesirable for us when we establish our kingdom. That is why we must lift all other forms of faith."

However, even the Allah ta’ala deliver its loathan, its most high entity and the denial of its judgements that it set(faith and Islam), namely curse words, it didn’t intervene in the choices of its Men even though it explicitly deliver that the infidels will be punished with eternal perdition and in a verse from the Quran our Master the Prophet Rasulluh (s.a.w):

“Infidels! I do not worship the things you worship. Even so you are not worshippers for the things I worship.. Your religion is for you and my religion is for me, say.” delivered in [Kafirun 1-6].

Is it not an incomprehensible attitude that the Global Invisible Government, which does not recognize the right to live in any community other than those in its own beliefs, must ignore the freedom of religion and conscience that they have used as a trump card for centuries to neutralize central authorities, for others outside themselves, and to remove all forms of faith?

Be entrusted to Allah.