013  They are trying to destroy religions

Dear readers,

The efforts of the Global Invisible Government to destroy other religions and beliefs other than its own beliefs are often a highly planned move, in which many absent persons and institutions are engaged. A large party is run with press support. On the one hand, disenfranchising clerics and religious sacred values, on the other hand, is carried out in an effort to make people who have been deprived of their spiritual values into arithmetic interest accounts, making them constantly think about their luxury material needs.

“Our philosophers will debate the flaws of their various beliefs. But since our belief can not be fully learned by anyone but us; nobody will ever dare to reveal secrets, so nobody will ever be able to argue with our perspective of our belief.”

"For a long time we have been careful to lower their clergy on time and to destroy their activities on this earth."

"Freedom could have taken its place in the state economy without harming harmony and prosperity of the people, even if it was based on faith in Allah and on the foundation of the brotherhood of men, not on the basis of equality rejected by the definite laws that divide the people of creation. With such a faith, a people society could be administered under the custody of the religious administration districts, and walked comfortably and respectfully under the guiding hand of the spiritual effort, obeying the ordinance ordained by Allah on earth. It is for this reason that it is imperative for us to work inexplicably under the hands of all the Faiths, to break the minds of Allah and spirituality from their heads, and to place arithmetic calculations and material needs in their place."

Dear readers, please try to remember the religion-related debate in the media as far back as your age allows. Remember the unauthorized persons who cut off on almost every subject in television, if they are not a fiqh of knowledge, no sufi, no kalam, nor a commentary or hadith. Remember the people who are in the prophecies about the future of what will happen in the year by carrying the arguments that should be made in the university booklet to the media, confusing the heads of our people, sacrificing their cocks, fasting menstruation women, and obtaining numerical findings from the Koran. Remember how the debate was made by asking the so-called clerics of irrelevant subjects, and how religious values were reduced to feet and made fun of play and entertainment by means of paradise-hell sent by people through e-mails.

On the one hand, while our people's spirituality is being weakened, on the other hand all humanity is being dragged into a race of pursuing more profit; the life sculptures of the people who are constantly luxurious and expatriate on television screens are brought to the agenda and people are steadily directed to the financial needs that do not end up at all.

"In order not to leave time for thinking and becoming aware of them, their mind must turn to industry and trade. Thus, all nations will seek for profit and in the race they will all be swallowed up and realize their common enemies. "

We will bring the luxury we have developed among them to the utter collapse of their industry, with the help of speculation. Because ambitious demand for luxury swallows everything."

"The violent struggle for superiority, and the strains that will spread economic vitality; moving, cold and ruthless societies."

Dear readers, we have been able to speak of "money" even at the funeral ceremonies that our people must remember Allah and think about their circumstances in eternal life; and so that Global Invisible Government have formed the society structure that they desire to be now.

It is Allah who creates the universe, puts its rules, shows man how to live in harmony with these rules. If man obeys Allah's provision, lives according to the will of Allah, and if it is joy or trouble, then the end will always be no. on the other hand, the person favors the self, lives according to human own desires, selfishness makes him incompatible with his surroundings. This will be human disaster. Our Saint Nation has lived the blessings of conforming to the rules of Allah on earth for centuries, and the peace, the confidence and the happiness it gave, and this eternal happiness has made a great effort for the life of all people. The Global Invisible Government, for their own purposes of world hegemony, directs people to conform to their souls, and then creates confusion among these people, subject to self-denial, thus convincing all humanity in distress. Humanity can be saved from the frauds and ruses of this discord organization only by adhering to Allah and the divine provisions of Allah.

Be entrusted to Allah.